Banana Republic Wildbloom Vert EDP Perfume Review

Banana Republic Wildbloom Vert

Mainstream Monday – Sniffing a Popular Perfume

Banana Republic Wildbloom Vert is a flanker to Wildbloom (which I haven’t tried but I’ve tried the other flankers). “Vert” is a fitting name for this flanker; it’s a crisp, green floral.

Wildbloom Vert opens with fruity aldehydes. It’s a crisp, clean perfume that is all about the aldehydes. And because of this, Wildbloom Vert comes across as sort of “retro” in a crisp, clean 90’s meets 70’s sort of way. The heart becomes Estee


Banana Republic Wildblue Noir EDT Fragrance Review

Banana Republic Wildblue Noir

Mainstream Monday – Sniffing a Popular Perfume

Last week I reviewed Banana Republic’s newest feminine addition to their fragrance collection, Wildbloom Rouge. Today I’m taking a look at their most recent masculine addition, Wildblue Noir.

Wildblue Noir opens as “sweet ozone”. It’s fresh but not overly clean fougere. It’s one of those sweet fougeres that seem to be popular with young men now. Wildblue Noir becomes warmer and softer. It really is a chocolate suede with an ambery musk. Going from fresh… Continue reading | 3 Comments


Banana Republic Wildbloom Rouge EDP Perfume Review

Banana Republic Wildbloom Rouge

Mainstream Monday – Sniffing a Popular Perfume

Banana Republic Wildbloom Rouge is an autumn flanker to Wildbloom. It’s described as a “musky woody floral”. I guess technically it is but I find it fresher and lighter than the “musky woody” and more vibrant that its velour corsage. Wildbloom Rouge may have been launched as an autumn flanker but I find it seasonless.

Wildbloom Rouge is tart, freshly sliced Granny Smith apples mingling with dewy florals. It wears as a clean, almost shampoo-ish apple floral… Continue reading | 1 Comment


Banana Republic W & M EDP Perfume Reviews – Relaunched Classics

Banana Republic W and M

Mainstream Monday: Sniffing (2) Popular Perfumes

This year clothing line Banana Republic relaunched two of their popular perfumes from the mid-1990’s: W and M. I have never tried the originals so I apologize to any W or M fans. I can’t say if the new relaunches are similar or not.

Banana Republic W with notes of citrus, wet green leaves, pink grapefruit, honeysuckle, white magnolia, water lily, amber, musk and blonde woods. Relaunched in 2013. PERFUMER – Jean-Claude Delville

W opens as… Continue reading