Avon Tahitian Holiday Perfume Review

Avon Tahitian HolidayThe note list of Avon Tahitian Holiday sounded good. And it was dirt cheap, so I blind-bought it. It was actually a pretty good buy.

Tahitian Holiday is a light, beachy fragrance that isn’t overly aquatic and doesn’t OD on coconut. If you like perfumes like Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess, I could see you liking this.  It opens with a synthetic gardenia that dries down to a smooth Tahitian gardenia/manoï. It’s like sun-kissed gardenias and a coconut tanning oil. There’s a bit of fuzzy fruits like apricot and passion… Continue reading | 2 Comments

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Heavy Duty: Avon Moisture Effective Eye Makeup Remover Lotion

Weekly cheap secret:

I bought a tube of this on sale for .99¢ and I still have half of it left and I’ve been using it for over six months! I’d say that’s a great value, huh?

I usually use Lancôme Bifacil or duo-phase eye makeup removers. I don’t wear waterproof makeup that frequently but I do wear a lot of eye makeup. I want to remove it without tugging on my eyes. This means that I need an oil-based remover. This Avon Moisture Effective Eye Makeup… Continue reading | 1 Comment


Avon Jet Fragrance for Him & Her

Avon Jet

Avon has launched two new fragrances for him and her. The ad campaign is super lame. The fragrance is Jet and the tag line is “Let our new fragrances whisk you away to your own private escape without ever leaving home.” Yep, we’re in a recession. We now have to be so frugal with money that we have to purchase cheap, Avon fragrances and pretend we are doing something cool like flying? Personally, I hate flying. It is such a pain but that doesn’t keep me from leaving home… Continue reading | 2 Comments


Avon Sweet Honesty Cologne Review

Avon Sweet Honesty

It could be purely nostalgia speaking, but I honestly love Avon Sweet Honesty.

It’s not an sultry scent. I mean, look at the pink bottle! Read its name! This thing is trying really hard to convince you it’s so innocent. Sweet Honesty is a powdery, soft fragrance. It opens with citrus – lemon zest. The rest of the wear is an abstract fresh, clean floral with a lot of honeyed baby powder. The dry-down is like vanilla candies and white musk. Basically, Sweet Honesty is Avon’s… Continue reading | 1 Comment


mark Earth Perfume Review

mark Earth perfume

Other than having an awful bottle, this fragrance is pretty tops. It is fresh and wears nicely for the $22 price tag. If green had an actual fragrance, it would be this. This smells overwhelmingly green. It smells crisp, fresh and grassy. It is so nice. Mark advertises this as some perfect fall fragrance. I really feel they released this during the wrong season. This is very spring-ish. Fall scents, at least to me, are spicier and heavier. This is as cool as a cucumber and as crisp… Continue reading