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Boxwalla Beauty Box Review – December


Boxwalla is a new box subscription service. Or you can buy them one-time. What makes Boxwalla different than a lot of other services is that there are four themes or interests: Beauty, Book, Food and Film. The boxes are available every two months and you can choose which type of box you’d like.

The Beauty Box focuses on cruelty-free, artisanal products. Because of that, I think it will introduce people to a lot of small, high-quality brands that they may otherwise not try.

Boxwalla sent me… Continue reading | 19 Comments

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A Few Candle Mini Reviews

OK, so are you ready for some quick and dirty candle fragrance reviews? Here you go!

Aura Radiant

Aura Radiant – Notes listed include grapefruit, goji berry and bergamot. Retails for $26.

This is one tart berry! Somebody add some vodka to this, it would be delicious! Grapefruit lovers should like this one. I’m not even a grapefruit lover and I ended up buying this. Great price and great quality.

Aquiesse Black Coco Havana

Aquiesse Black Coco Havana -Notes listed… Continue reading | 19 Comments

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Aura Cosmic Candle Review

Aura Cosmic candle

I just used up an entire Aura Bubbly candle and was reminded of just how much I love this hand-poured candle line. And then I remembered that I still have an Aura candle in Cosmic, a delicious gourmand.

Cosmic smells like a rich, decadent, gourmet creamsicle. It’s a juicy winter orange with vanilla whipped cream. Aura managed to take the flavor of a familiar frozen treat and make it into a luxurious home fragrance. Cosmic doesn’t smell… Continue reading | 15 Comments


EauMG’s Orange Cream Pop Perfume Guide

orange creamsicle

Giving fragrance suggestions is one of my favorite things to do. I love when people ask me about fragrances. Oddly enough, it seems that I get the most requests for perfumes that smell like old-fashioned cosmetics and for perfumes that smell like orange creamsicles.

I’ve put together my guide of perfumes that smell like an orange cream pop. These are the perfumes that I’ve tried that smell like oranges and vanilla cream. And I’m surprised by how many of these retail for under… Continue reading | 28 Comments

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Happy New Year’s Eve! Aura Bubbly Candle Review

Aura Candles Bubbly

I hope you all are having a safe and fun New Year’s Eve! I’m boring and staying in for my own pani puri party, champagne and 1940’s comedies. My candle of the evening is perfect. It’s Aura Bubbly.

Bubbly smells like bubbly. It’s dry,tart and slightly fruity sweet like wine grapes and freshly sliced apples. As the candle burns, it keeps that dry champagne and table grape aroma but also gains a warm, fresh “out of the dryer” towel scent because it is warm… Continue reading | 4 Comments