Eau d’Italie Sienne l’Hiver EDT Fragrance Review

Eau d'Itale Sienne l'hiver

I’m one of those people that hates the winter. I’m not just contrary. I have my reasons. Cold weather causes me much pain. And after my trip to NYC this week, I’m ready for the cold to be gone from my life.

Sienne l’Hiver opens with a cold crispness that smells like freshly crushed greens and sliced bell pepper on a tray of crushed ice. I also pick up on cilantro and a hint of an olive bar. There’s more white musk in the top than… Continue reading | 4 Comments


Prada L’Eau Ambrée EDP Perfume Review

Prada L'eau Ambree

Mainstream Monday: Sniffing a Popular Perfume

As frequently as I wear this one, you’d think that it would have been reviewed by now. I find that I often overlook these types of fragrances, my “staples”. These are the ones that I wear so often that I really have nothing much to say about them. I now have more associations/memories with the fragrance and don’t feel a need to “analyze” it. But… Continue reading | 5 Comments


YOSH 1.41 White Flowers EDP Perfume Review

YOSH White Flowers perfume

Years ago, I tried Yosh White Flowers  in a small boutique in Seattle. Returning home, my husband asked me, “Why don’t you smell like this all of the time?” This was my first experience with a Yosh perfume and back in those days I did not wear floral perfumes.

White Flowers opens with jasmine, rose and dirt. It reminds me of pulling weeds in a garden with flowers much more glamorous than the ones in my crummy garden. Somehow this fragrance makes me think… Continue reading | 16 Comments


Inis Cologne Fragrance Review

Inis Cologne

Inis “The Energy of the Sea” by The Fragrances of Ireland is a clean, cool aquatic perfume. It’s a quintessential aquatic fragrance.

Inis (Irish for island) fits right into the aquatic genre of fragrances. It opens with cold ozone, citrus-melon and florals. With time I get an overdose of lily of the valley mixed with algae – something green and salty. The lily of the valley is what makes this scent so clean to me. (I have a feeling that most people will call this “soap” and not… Continue reading | 1 Comment