Atelier Cologne Grand Néroli EDT Fragrance Review

Atelier Cologne Grand Neroli Fragrance

Imagine an orange grove on a sunny coast and you have Atelier Cologne Grand Nèroli.

Grand Néroli opens with lemon, lemon, and lemon. Within 2-3 minutes, the fragrance mellows and neroli appears. The blossoms are still juicy at this stage and not as floral…it still has lemon. And then a bright neroli decides to steal the show. It’s heady, sunny and a little salty. It’s like orange blossoms by the sea. It also has a freshly squeezed orange juiciness. I think this fragrance… Continue reading | 10 Comments


Atelier Cologne Trèfle Pur EDT Fragrance Review

Atelier Trefle Pur Cologne fragrance

Each of the Atelier Colognes tell a story. I see the copy and the vignettes as more of a peep show into a fictional perfume character’s daily life. Trèfle Pur tells an obtuse tell of luck…it is a clover fragrance.
“He had a good feeling about it. That’s the thing about luck, you feel it or you don’t. This moment, he felt it. He found the morning’s rain had left everything looking greener and a bit sharper, like he was seeing it all for… Continue reading | 9 Comments

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Atelier Vanille Insensee Cologne Fragrance Review

Vanille Insensée (Insane Vanilla in French) sounds like a woody vanilla if you go by the notes alone. But, in reality Vanille Insensée is a sheer vanilla that verges on “clean” and is very modern and casual. This is one of those vanillas that one could technically wear in the summer. I don’t know may “sheer vanillas”.

Atelier Vanille Insensee fragrance

Vanille Insensée opens up as  vanilla. It’s creamy and dreamy but there is something else there. That something reminds me of the spicy freshness of… Continue reading | 10 Comments