Patch NYC Pipe Solid Perfume Review

Patch NYC Pipe Solid Perfume

As a non-smoker, I find it odd that I define tobacco scents as my “comfort” scents. I never grow tired of the following combo in perfume: booze, dry tobacco, and sweetness. I like complicated versions of this. And I even like simple, “slow-food” versions of this combo.

Patch NYC Pipe opens as a boozy cognac and unsmoked cigar. The tobacco is dry, crisp. And then it dries to a softer vanilla flavored tobacco. The base is soft, creamy vanilla woods. Simple and good… Continue reading | 8 Comments


Tauer Une Rose Vermeille EDP Perfume Review

Tauer Une Rose Vermeille

Tauer Une Rose Vermeille is described as a gourmand rose that is an homage to the ever popular rose. Une Rose Vermeille covers the many aspects of rose from it’s refreshing citrus side to its sweet, candied and edible side. Rose is frequently and commonly used in perfume. We know stuffy, formal roses; we know childlike, innocent roses. We know thorny, living roses. How is Tauer’s rose different than the thousands of other rose perfumes that we’ve sniffed before? Une Rose Vermeille is an… Continue reading | 8 Comments


DSH Perfumes Lautrec Perfume Review

DSH Perfumes Lautrec

DSH Perfumes created Lautrec to celebrate Ça Fleure Bon’s first anniversary. One more reason why fragrance blogs make the world a better place! Celebratory perfumes! 😉 Lautrec is obviously inspired by one of my favorite artists, Toulouse-Lautrec. Lautrec is gluttonous gourmand filled with savory sweets, can-can cocktails, and bawdy base notes. It’s Bohemian perfection.

DSH Perfumes does gourmand like no other. And “this style” is my favorite gourmand style. DSH blends are edible, usually not sickly sweet, and often remind me of my grandmother’s homemade baked goods…if… Continue reading | 13 Comments

Blog Weekly Roundup

EauMG Weekly Blog Roundup XI

George Barbier Robe d'Interieur en Soie Brochee 1911

February 13th-20th:

How was Valentine’s? I got a few bottles of perfume and chocolate, 2 things that make me very happy any time of the year. The rest of my week was spent being sick, feverish, but my sense of smell hasn’t been affected. It’s been a sunny weekend and today I’m going out to the Middle Eastern markets to pick up some groceries. And I’m going to the Indian market to get a dosa. Geez… Continue reading | 4 Comments


Aftelier Perfumes Alchemy Solid Perfume Review

Aftelier Perfumes Alchemy Solid Perfume Review

Aftelier Alchemy Solid Perfume is a floral amber, a natural fragrance in a luxurious solid base. This was one of, natural perfumery genius, Mandy Aftel’s “early” fragrances formulated from some of the most popular notes she used in custom perfumery. Basically, Alchemy is a “crowd pleaser” perfume. I’m usually a fan of crowd pleasers. Alchemy is an exception because Aftel’s clients aren’t your average consumers. From the decadent notes in Alchemy, I can tell that Aftel’s custom order clients are knowledgeable… Continue reading | 33 Comments