Zoologist Dragonfly Perfume Review

Zoologist Dragonfly perfume

A frightened gasp broke through the lazy, haziness of a very warm Southern evening. It was the sort of sound that would follow someone being startled by a swiftly moving rodent (or these days, whenever you read any bit of news). My friend’s aunt jumped out of her lawn chair as if she was being attacked by wasps. I didn’t see anything. She shouted, “Dragonfly!” which I thought was some sort of slang. There was no way that someone could be that scared of a dragonfly. She explained that… Continue reading


Parfums DelRae Mythique EDP Perfume Review

Parfums DelRae Mythique

Today I share with you one of my favorite iris perfumes – Parfums DelRae Mythique.

Mythique opens with a fruity ivy with close to the ground violets. It’s metallic and green.  Note to self – all perfumes inspired by prostitutes/mistresses smell metallic. I pick up on the faintest floral indoles. What I really get is iris. A demure, cool iris with absolutely no powderiness. The dry-down is this wonderful buttery iris with a vegetal musky ambrette. Mythique is slow to warm up. But, when she… Continue reading | 9 Comments


Aroma M Geisha Green Perfume Oil Review

Aroma M Geisha Green

When it comes to “absinthe” perfumes, I know what I want. In the past, I had no luck finding it. All I want is something herbaceous, cool like wormwood, and with a kick of licorice. I want all of this without it coming across as a “sporty” men’s fragrance . What I want is to be like a Mucha or Art Noveau absinthe sylph. Good news, I’ve found it. Aroma M Geisha Green, this is the only “absinthe” perfume that I’ve tried that has been… Continue reading | 17 Comments

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NEW: Voluspa Maison Rouge Home Fragrance Collection

Voluspa Maison Rouge Collection

Voluspa has launched 8 new fragrances for the Maison Rouge Collection, just in time for the holidays. These eight fragrances are available in candles (in many sizes), room & body sprays (Aqua de Senteur), Room Diffuser, and moisturizing bar soaps. Like most Voluspa products, the packaging is gorgeous. The colors and designs are rich, luxe, and elegant. Think turn of the century Art Nouveau-ish daguerreotypes with a modern edge.  There’s even a  moth design on one of the candles, my favorite imagery ever. The eight scents in this… Continue reading | 8 Comments


Perfumeria Gal Madrid Violette Lip Balm Tin Review

Violette Lip Balm

I wanted to love this product so badly. The tin is adorable and I love the fragrance and flavor of violets and violet candies. Unfortunately, this is not what I wanted it to be. The tin is very cute in person, Art Nouveau and adorable. However, I found it very difficult to open because it lacks a pronounced “slip”. The lip balm is more of a gloss and has the texture of Vaseline. This didn’t bother me. This makes it long lasting and perfect for “marinating” lips before… Continue reading | 6 Comments