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aroma M Beauty Camellia Bath & Body Oil Review

aroma M bath and body oil

Last year, I tried the aroma M Camellia Hair Oil and Face Oil and fell in love. In my review, I mentioned that I wanted aroma M to expand the magic to a body product. Lucky for me, aroma M did expand the line to include a body oil.

The fragrance of this oil is intoxicating. It makes me feel like a goddess with its heady aromas of white flowers (jasmine and neroli) and a Cleopatra-style rose. It’s mainly a jasmine-rose floral… Continue reading | 2 Comments


EauMG’s Guide to the Best Smelling Hair Products

Ann Rutherford

When I talk to people about perfume, I find that many people can create a perfume timeline of their life. Certain perfumes remind them of certain eras of their life. For some people an entire decade can be summed up with one or two “signature” perfumes. I’ve never really been exclusive to one perfume so creating a perfume timeline would be near impossible for me. However, I could do this with hair products. Throughout the years I have been loyal to certain hair products. I could define most… Continue reading | 33 Comments


aroma M Geisha O-Cha Perfume Oil Review

Aroma M O Cha perfume

I think we all need a meditative “chill out” fragrance in our collection. Actually, we most likely need more than one, right? I have a few and one of these is aroma M Geisha O-Cha. It’s like a perfume Xanax for me.

O-Cha opens as  green tea leaves mixed with freshly squeezed citrus. I breath it in and my mind seems to be operating clearer. Eventually this tea is brewed with an aromatic sage and dewy, fruity raspberry-like roses. O-Cha smell like a fresh… Continue reading | 3 Comments

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aroma M Beauty Camellia Hair Oil and Face Oil Review

aroma M Beauty

Fragrance line aroma M has expanded their line to include products for the skin and hair. Using her background in aromatherapy and interest in beauty rituals used by geishas, Maria McElroy has created all-natural oils for the face and hair.

Camellia oil is packed with moisturizing fatty oils and vitamins. It’s a “secret of the geisha” (even samurais and sumo wrestlers used it) but you still see this oil commonly sold at Japanese, Korean and Chinese markets. I’ve seen it (tsubaki oil) around but haven’t used… Continue reading | 3 Comments


aroma M Geisha Amber Rouge Perfume Review

aroma M Geisha Amber Rouge

Geisha Amber Rouge is an interpretation on Geisha Rouge…it’s the flanker. Amber Rouge is a spicy scent with a dark, animalic amber base. Geisha Amber Rouge is getting great reviews. Some see it as a smoky, seductive fragrance. Others are reminded of the cozy goodness of Christmas. Geisha Amber Rouge reminds me of a honky tonk at 3 a.m.

Amber Rouge reminds me of a spiced whisky. It’s spicy but it has a malted molasses element with an aged oak. The fragrance becomes smokier, reminding me… Continue reading | 11 Comments