Archipelago Milk EDT Perfume Review

Archipelago Milk perfume

Archipelago is a line best known for their home fragrances. The line also has personal fragrances and body products. I admit that the idea of a perfume smelling like “milk” doesn’t seem very nice. But, I’m reminded of how quickly Jo Malone London‘s limited edition Sweet Milk sold out. Milk is a mix of Archipelago’s cult favorite soy and oat fragrances.

Archipelago Milk is a warm fragrance that reminds me of sweetened porridge with a hint of vanilla extract and lemon peel. With time the… Continue┬áreading | 3 Comments


Archipelago Pomegranate EDT Fragrance Review

Archipelago Pomegranate Perfume

Archipealgo Pomegranate is a citrus-floral that is sunny and energetic. If you are looking for something fruity like a pomegranate, this isn’t it. I don’t know why, but it seems like no perfume actually smells like pomegranate. There just isn’t a decent synthetic or natural on the market.

Pomegranate opens as a shrill fruity-floral that reminds me of crisp lemon and lemon blossoms. It’s bright, shiny and cheerful. I get tart-sweet fruit, but I wouldn’t sniff it and think “pomegranate” but I do think “juicy… Continue┬áreading | 3 Comments