Eric Buterbaugh FLORALS Velvet (Lavender) EDP Perfume Review

Eric Buterbaugh Velvet Lavender

Seven Days of Eric Buterbaugh*

Eric Buterbaugh is a well-known floral designer based in Los Angeles. Last year, he launched a line of perfumes, Eric Buterbaugh FLORALS, inspired by the medium he knows best – flowers. The Noses work with Firmenich, creating many of my most-worn perfumes from designer to niche. I’m dedicating a week to reviewing this line because like Eric Buterbaugh, I too love florals. 

I’ve never really thought of lavender as a flower, but more as an herb. I… Continue reading | 6 Comments


Phoenix Botanicals Peach Tree Garden EDP Natural Perfume Review

Phoenix Botanicals Peach Tree Garden

Testing something as bright and sunny as Phoenix Botanicals Peach Tree Garden when there is snow on the ground should feel so wrong, but it doesn’t. Peach Tree Garden is a reminder that underneath the ice, there’s life. It’s a reminder that in a few months what are now bare branches will soon be covered with pastel blossoms.

Peach Tree Garden opens with juicy citrus and a “chewy” saffron. This enhances the warmth and ripeness of peach flesh .It wears as a… Continue reading | 12 Comments


Artemisia Saveur de L’Abricot Natural EDP Perfume Review

Artemesia Saveur de l'Abricot

Artemesia Perfumes Saveur de L’Abricot is a reminder of summer. When I wear it, I’m reminded of rays of sunshine warm against the cotton t-shirt on my back. There’s warmth and the trees are veiled in green leaves. Everything tastes better because it’s actually in season. Unlike other fruity peach/apricot fragrances, Saveur de L’Abricot reminds me of an apricot tree filled with perfectly ripe fruit. There is a hint to leaves and bark as well as the fuzzy fruit.

Saveur de L’Abricot opens as this… Continue reading | 6 Comments


Aftelier Wild Roses EDP Perfume Review

Aftelier Wild Roses

Aftelier Wild Roses is inspired by perfumer Mandy Aftel’s garden. It’s meant to come across like walking around and smelling all of the flowers, not a soliflore but more of a “multiflore”. For me it’s a very synesthetic fragrance. I smell it in colors.

Coral, vermilion, hot pink, lilac with “flickers” of yellow curry that fades into a deep royal purple. Wild Roses comes at me as a swirl of bold colors reminding me of vintage Pucci prints. Wild Roses opens with a vanilla-heliotrope rose with natural… Continue reading | 9 Comments


Lady Gaga Fame EDP Perfume Review

Lady Gaga Fame EDP

Mainstream Monday – Sniffing a Popular Perfume

I haven’t bothered reviewing Fame earlier and I don’t know why I’m doing it now. The deal with Fame is that it doesn’t matter what the black juice in the claw covered bottle smells like; Lady Gaga’s millions of Little Monsters will buy it. And they’ll love it. This is how fandom works. It doesn’t matter if perfume people love it or hate it. Perfume people don’t drive the sales.

Despite knowing that we aren’t the… Continue reading | 12 Comments