L’Occitane Amande Pomme Almond Apple Sweet Peel Review

This Almond Apple Sweet Peel is a must have exfoliant for sensitive skin. I can use a scrub and be the color of a beet for hours. This is why I would only add a scrub to my nightly routine. I had to sleep off the inflammation. This product was recommended to me by a sweetie at a L’Occitane in downtown Seattle. I’m happy she talked me in to trying this.

After being showed this product, I had to smell it. I love the aroma. It smells like all the… Continue reading | 1 Comment


An Apple A Day: An Apple Perfume Guide


Here in Washington we know apples. We know which orchard has the best “genetics” and sometimes I wonder if you can find these varieties elsewhere. Probably not. I’ve seen stuff here that I would of never of seen in Tennessee. Apples have a wonderful crisp aroma. If you know your apples then you know that each variety smells very different. You also know that the “apple” used by the fragrance industry is very fake and could never do the real deal any justice. I wish that they would better… Continue reading


Ralph Lauren ‘Ralph’ Perfume Review

Mainstream Monday: Sniffing A Popular Fragrance

Could a name be any more unfortunate than “Ralph”? Seriously. It sounds disgusting. Maybe the kids don’t say that anymore, but I still use it that way. Ralph is obviously marketed to a younger crowd. It has a simple bottle and tons of bath/body products. I don’t find Ralph offensive (well, other than the name), I just find it dull and boring even for a fruity-floral. It has been around a long time, it has many spin-offs, and it is worth reviewing… Continue reading | 1 Comment

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L’Aromarine Pomme Perfume Oil Review

L'Aromarine Pomme

When I purchased this fragrance oil I was thinking of fall. I thought that an apple scent would be very nice for October. I was expecting something that would remind me of leaves crunching under my Frye boots in the orchards of Washington. This is not a fall fragrance. L’Aromarine Pomme is more like a Jolly Rancher mixed with Johnson’s No More Tears Shampoo. Perfume labs and flavor labs are often married. This smells like what fake apple tastes like. You know the apple used in sour candies and… Continue reading | 4 Comments


Pais Hilton “Original” Perfume Review

OK, so I am not really one for celebrity scents. However, I do own a few because an enjoyable perfume is an enjoyable perfume despite who’s name may be on it.

I actually love Paris Hilton, the person. Like not her personally but the fact that she is the rich gal that is basically famous for being rich, skinny and a brat. I’m truly fascinated by her. Oh, and I’m also totally jealous.

Now let’s get to her namesake celeb perfume. This is a fruity-floral with an emphasis on… Continue reading | 4 Comments