Lacoste Pour Homme EDT Fragrance Review

Lacoste Pour Homme EDT

Mainstream Monday – Sniffing A Popular Perfume

I gave Lacoste Pour Homme a try because I was surprised at how much I loved Lacoste Pour Femme, a wonderful and soft ambrette musk with awful branding/marketing. Maybe Lacoste Pour Homme would be a pleasant surprise too. It wasn’t.

This is an EDT/mainstream men’s fragrance, so the alcohol content is high. At first spritz, I’m reminded of an alcoholic, his preference is rum and gin, and he oversprays himself in boring, generic aquatic-apple… Continue reading | 9 Comments


Aftelier Rain Perfumed Bath Oil Review

Aftelier Rain Bath Oil Review Rain. I have had enough. It has been the rainiest and coldest month on record this April for Western Washington. Ever. And it always rains here, over an average of 66 inches a year. This April statistic is saying something. It says “Please stop. I’m going nuts and I think my scalp is growing moss and I’m moving to San Diego“. (Seriously. Talk me out of moving to California). When I think of the “smell” of rain, I think of moss, mud… Continue reading | 13 Comments


Creed Spring Flower EDP Perfume Review

Creed Spring Flower EDP

Creed is one of the few luxury perfume lines that makes me want to buy fruity-florals. I really do like Spring Flower but for me, it’s more of a summer perfume. The fruits are so ripe that they are on the verge of rotting; there are no delicate spring fruit blossoms. Spring Flower can be summed up in 3 words: musky, fruity, floral. Is this as classy as 1950’s era Audrey Hepburn (this is her perfume)? I don’t know.

Before I get started with this review, I… Continue reading | 5 Comments


LUSH Lip Tint Review in Double Choc & It Started With A Kiss

I have never tried LUSH lip balms or lip tints before. Like most LUSH products, I find reviews that love or hate them. You know that I love bold or dark matte lips but when I’m not wearing those shades (like to work), I go for lip tints. I am not a lip gloss person because lip gloss lasts like 2 minutes on my lips and I hate the sticky feel of lip gloss. Lip tints aren’t sticky and moisturize like a balm. So here’s my review of these natural lip tints in simple little tins.


Burberry for Women by Burberry Perfume Review

Mainstream Monday: Sniffing A Popular Fragrance

I really like the “classic” Burberry EDP that was launched in 1995. This is a great casual fragrance that is warm and a bit “dry”, making it perfect for fall/winter and winter/spring (much like a Burberry scarf). I know that this fragrance contains lots of fruits and vanilla, but on me it wears very dried floral and dried woods and dried fruits. I think of it as my Chanel Cristalle for fall. At first it is stone fruity. It reminds me… Continue reading | 6 Comments