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A Few Thymes Wildwood Candle Mini Reviews

Thymes Wildwood Candles

Here’s a quick sniff at the candle scents in the Thymes Wildwood Collection, a collection inspired by woodland environments.

Linden Blossom and Nectar – Notes listed include honeyed linden flower, lemon verbena, yellow violet and lilac nectar.

This is a green but honeyed florals. It’s fresh and spring-like, like a meadow. I can imagine craving something like this in the dead of winter when I need to the optimism of spring to get me through the short daylight days. It’s a really pretty fragrance… Continue reading


Malle Outrageous! EDP Perfume Review

Malle Outrageous

Imagine CK One for the luxury shopper. So, yeah, Outrageous! really is a perfect fragrance for the Barneys Co-Op crowd.

The notes listed sound like a hot mess. The scent opens with an alcoholic caipirinha or more like a mojito – lime, mint, and rum – with fresh, out of the dryer towels. And there are aldeyhdes, tons of aldehydes. It sounds weird  and to some extent it is. To me, it’s like if Downy added a mojito scented fabric softener to their extensive line of scents… Continue reading | 6 Comments


LUSH Love EDP Perfume Review

LUSH Love perfume

LUSH Love is described as a “flirtatious and fruity” fragrance that “dreams up images of past flings and future fondles“. It reminds me of lemonade and pancakes. Obviously, my life is very exciting.

Love opens as foody with lemon, apples and cinnamon. It reminds me of something I wouldn’t mind eating on pancakes. Love smells weirdly like breakfast to me. With time I get something camphoric in Love, I’ve experienced this cooling sensation with a few others LUSH fragrances. It’s in their florals. My guess… Continue reading | 6 Comments


Halle Berry Reveal The Passion EDP Perfume Review

Halle Berry Reveal the Passion

Mainstream Monday – Sniffing a Popular Perfume

Due to the success of Halle Berry Reveal, we are now offered Halle Berry Reveal the Passion. My guess is that in hopes to make this flanker even more successful, they added friendly fruity notes that all of us are supposed to adore. I also think since the original Reveal was more “mature”, they added the fruits to Reveal to appeal to a younger crowd and started calling it an “even sultrier”… Continue reading | 5 Comments

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NEW – Villainess Bad Apples 2011 Fall Collection

Villainess Bad Apple Soap and Candle

This autumn, Villainess is launching 4 new, limited edition scents based on a corrupt orchard: Bad Apples. These scents are available in Soaps and soy wax Votive Candles. Here’s the newest fruits in the Villainess line-up:

Discord – “Golden apples fairly glowing in a resinous haze of amber and myrrh and dripping with dragon’s blood.” – FYI dragon’s blood is a legit resin, not some headshop incense 😉

Just Right – “Apples done up in honey and grandma’s own buttery