Anya’s Garden Light Natural Perfume Review

Anya's Garden Light natural perfume

If you read EauMG regularly, you know I don’t really care for citrus perfumes. They don’t hold my attention. I tend to like more old-fashioned eau de cologne masculines because they last longer on my skin. So, I didn’t know what to expect when sampling Anya’s Garden Light. Here I am, a person that likes “heavy” fragrances and I don’t like citrus. Well, maybe I do like citrus and I’ve tried all of the “wrong” ones. I’m impressed with Anya’s Garden Light. This is a… Continue reading | 8 Comments


Anya’s Garden Kaffir Natural Perfume Review

Anya's Garden Kaffir Perfume Review

Anya’s Garden Kaffir is a natural perfume with interesting notes of lime leaves, herbs, woods, and leather that gives it an old-fashioned feel. They don’t make ’em like they used to, right? Well, no, they do. We have to find them! This is one of the few unisex leather fragrances that I know of that will work in the summer! It’s sheer and green with a warm base; it could work in any climate. I had no idea that leather and lime are… Continue reading | 7 Comments