Unconventional Beauty Product Favorites – Neocell Collagen Drink Beauty Infusion

Favorite unconventinal beauty products

Over the next few months, I thought I’d focus on my “unconventional beauty” products. These are the sort of products that aren’t your typical beauty products (like makeup or topical skincare). These are the weird non-beauty beauty treatments that I do. (I’m also considering covering my non-beauty beauty treatments that were a total waste of my time).

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Paula’s Choice Resist Super Antioxidant Serum Review

Paula's Choice Serum

The claims & description – The serum is chocked full of antioxidants that are supposed to help with anti-aging, brown spots, eczema, sensitive skin, rosacea and wrinkles. It can be used under or over moisturizer once or twice daily.

The packaging and formula – The product comes in a small tube. It has a silicone serum consistency. The product has no scent. The color is translucent but “turmeric stained” meaning that it has a saffron hue.

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Paula’s Choice RESIST Daily Smoothing Treatment Review

Paula's Choice Resist Daily Treatment

If you don’t want to read about how much I’m in love with this product, then stop reading now.

Paula’s Choice RESIST Daily Smoothing Treatment with 5% Alpha Hydroxy Acid is a daily treatment for all skin types that claims to prevent and reduce wrinkles, sun damage, and discolorations. It’s an exfoliating treatment with 5% AHA and .5% salicylic acid with anti-irritant ingredients to reduce redness. So, does it work? I think so.

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Juara Sweet Black Tea & Ginger Mattefying Moisturizer Review

Are you worried about breakouts and signs of aging? Many people are. So many of my friends use anti-aging products and acne products. Unfortunately, excessive oily skin isn’t just for teenagers. It’s a cruel world!  Juara Skincare Black Tea & Ginger Mattefying Moisturizer is an oil-free moisturizer that helps with signs of aging. This is a moisturizer for those that have oily/troubled skin but have concerns about aging/fine lines. Key ingredients include: cinnamon, ginger, hyluronic acid, and sweet black tea.

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