Le Jardin Retrouve Citron Boboli Perfume Review

Le Jardin Retrouve Citron Boboli


Le Jardin Retrouvé Citron Boboli (once known as Citron Poivré) is the sort of refreshing citrus that I’m craving on this hot, muggy city days. It’s inspired by the Palazzo Pitti’s Baboli Gardens in Florence. When you’re sweating it out in the subway terminal like a sauna from your nightmares, the streets smell like urine and garbage and every piece of grime sticks to your sticky body, I want something that smells crisp, refreshing and well, transports me to some place like the Baboli… Continue reading | 2 Comments


The Saddest Perfume Names

Anna Karina

Perfumes themselves should give us emotions. These emotions are why I think many of us enjoy this olfactory “hobby”. We really get hooked when we smell a perfume that puts us at a loss of words. Now some perfumes give us emotions…negative emotions but I don’t see this as a bad thing. It gives us something to talk about. And today I’m talking about sad perfume names.

This isn’t a list of perfume names that I find offensive (should save that for another day!) nor is this… Continue reading | 30 Comments

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1960’s Fashion – Get the Makeup Look of Anna Karina

Anna KarinaIt should come to no surprise to anyone that I have been obsessed with Anna Karina for sometime. One of my artistic and beauty icons for many years. I’ve been out of my “French New Wave” fashion phase since my early 20’s. But, lately, I’ve had a yearning for thick bangs, long hair, and heavy eyeliner. Well, the only thing I can do now is the makeup (and even that has changed, not as easy to get such a crisp eyeliner look these days). Here’s what I did to… Continue reading | 5 Comments