Carolina Herrera Good Girl Perfume Review

Carolina Herrera Good Girl

Mainstream Monday – Sniffing a Popular Perfume

I tried to jump right in and review Carolina Herrera Good Girl, but I realize I have a few things to say that aren’t directly related to how the perfume smells. The first being that as I have already ranted in a By Kilian perfume review years ago, but I truly hate these old-fashioned notions of “good” or “bad” girls and all of the patriarchal baggage around it. So, I hate the name of this perfume with… Continue reading | 6 Comments

Blog Weekly Roundup

EauMG Weekly Blog Roundup XII

1950's spring pin-up pic of Ann Miller

March 13th-20th

Happy Nowruz! Finally, spring is here. The weather doesn’t really feel it but plants are budding and the plum trees are in bloom. I do feel optimistic. And I even have plants growing from seed inside. However, I am not as glam as Ann Miller in the pic above 😉

Here’s what happened in the wonderful world of fragrance and beauty this week. Lots of green because of St. Patrick’s Day and there’s lots… Continue reading