Capsule Parfums Moto EDP Perfume Review

Capsule Moto perfume

I really couldn’t resist trying a perfume with blackberries and tar even if the copy makes me want to vomit.
A rebellious scent inspired by bikers and the babes who love them. A dark fruity floral with notes of black plum, sun-warmed blackberries, black dahlia, smoky incense, vanilla and tar. Seductive and liberating. Equally dangerous on men and women.
Because, you know, women just ride on the back of bikes, they don’t actually drive them. *eye roll*

Capsule Moto is a cough syrup-like plum… Continue reading | 3 Comments

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1960’s Fashion – Get the Makeup Look of Ann-Margret

Ann-Margret 1967

Ann-Margret said it best in her autobiography, that she had to go from “Little Miss Lollipop to Sexpot-Banshee”. It’s true. Ann-Margret had to play the girl next door and then quickly change into sex kitten. She’s an icon of the 1960’s. Actually one of my favorite “camp” icons because she had to play all of those stereotypical female roles. This pic above was taken in 1967, during her Vegas days. Fun fact – the same hairdresser that made Lucille Ball a redhead made Ann-Margret a redhead too… Continue reading | 6 Comments


Tauer Tableu de Parfums Miriam EDP Perfume Review

Andy Tauer Miriam

It’s very rare for a perfume to “naturally” tell you a story. So many perfumes are without a soul try to replicate the success of last year’s blockbuster. Other perfumes only tell a story because of savvy marketers that accidently got it right this time by planting that story in our minds. The best perfumes in my mind are the ones that tell you a personalized story, one that maybe you’ll be the only one to hear. As soon as  Tableu de Parfums Miriam touched my… Continue reading | 11 Comments


Roberto Cavalli EDP Perfume Review

Roberto Cavalli perfume

Mainstream Monday – Sniffing a Popular Perfume

When I first sniffed Roberto Cavalli EDP in a store, I was offended. I don’t know how to explain it but it offended me and literally turned my stomach. Perhaps it was my expectations. I really liked the other/discontinued Roberto Cavalli fragrances (especially Maurice Roucel’s Oro, love that one) and maybe I was expecting something like those. Now that I try Roberto Cavalli “Signature” again, it’s not as offensive as I remember it, but I think the… Continue reading