Mojo Magique Voodoo Child EDT Perfume Review

Mojo Magique Voodoo Child

Mojo is a Lousiana-based casual clothing line that specializes in cool bayou graphics. Last year the line launched its first fragrance, Mojo Magique, a fragrance that I really liked wearing. This year the brand has followed-up with two new fragrances. And one of these is Voodoo Child.

Voodoo Child opens as a spicy orange blossom. With time the Pernod-like anise makes an appearance with a dry, spicy and slightly fruity pink pepper. The heart is a breezy… Continue reading


Etro Anice EDT Perfume Review

Etro Anice fragrance

I try not to complain about the weather, especially since it has been a mild winter in Seattle, but I can’t help it. I grow tired of winter quickly. After the holidays, I’m like “OK, that was fun. Is it spring yet?” I don’t think I was meant to live this north. Everyday I walk by one of my favorite French cafes. The patio is vacant, chairs and tables are pushed against the brick walls of the cafe. Moss grows between the brick. The sky is gray… Continue reading | 7 Comments


Guerlain Champs-Elysees EDT Fragrance Review

Guerlain Champs-Elysees EDT  reminds me of a champagne cocktail sipped during an outdoor brunch. And depending on who you talk to, you may only be able to wear this outdoors! Champs-Elysees has a rep for being a loud fragrance. Maybe this is why I like this fruity-floral 🙂

I think of Guerlain Champs-Elysées as being like a mimosa version of YSL Paris. Both perfumes are “power” floral perfumes. They are floral, feminine, and yes, a little loud depending on who you ask. I… Continue reading | 37 Comments


L’Artisan Parfumeur Fou d’Absinthe Perfume Review

Fou d'Absinthe

L’Artisan Parfumeur Fou d’Absinthe perfume is an herbaceous, foresty fragrance with spice. L’Artisan describes the fragrance as such
Hot and cold, spicy and soft, Fou d’Absinthe is a perfume-paradox, olfactory craziness, an embodiment of absolute freedom of mind, of the desire to break taboos and to have courage to realize one’s most daring dreams. Inspired by absinthe, the decadent drink of choice of poets and artists, this addictive potion is an aromatic explosion of green, slightly bitter absinthe, tingling spirit of angelica and crispy blackcurrant buds. The hot-cold sensation is… Continue reading | 14 Comments