EauMG’s 2017 Empties & Thoughts

2017 Empties

Empties are posts that I do where I tally the amount of beauty products that I empty. It also is something that I do that makes me feel like a total hoarder (empty bottles accumulate until the end of a month for a “photo shoot”), but hey, bloggers are weird people. There’s a few reasons why I’m so consistent with my Empties post. Firstly, it helps me keep up with what I’m actually using. I can quickly reference and see if something was a hit/miss for… Continue┬áreading | 18 Comments


EauMG’s Most Worn Perfumes – Summer 2014

most worn summer perfumes

Now that summer is over, I can look back at my stash and see what I wore the most. This summer was different than summers before. We moved to a place with no A/C and the summer was hotter than average. The new place has this special ability to trap heat (bet it won’t do that in the winter!) so many nights, I was trying to fall asleep in a place where the thermostat was reading 88┬║. I also take mass transit (up to eight buses… Continue┬áreading | 20 Comments