Jolie Laide Jules et Jim EDP Natural Perfume Review

Jolie Laide Jules et Jim

Jolie Laide Jules et Jim is one of those perfumes that smells antique. It’s not that it smells like a vintage or “antique” perfume, it’s that it reminds me of antiques.

Jules et Jim is all about the oakmoss. And to me, this oakmoss gives it this dark, antique feel. It smells old which isn’t a jab. I’m not saying it smells “off” but I’m saying that it smells like antiques. Jules et Jim opens with dried lavender buds. There’s a balsamic quality to… Continue reading | 2 Comments


L’Artisan Parfumeur Couer de Vetiver Sacre EDT Review

L'Artisan Parfumeur Couer de Vetiver Sacre

I should love L’Artisan Parfumeur Couer de Vétiver Sacré but I don’t. Perhaps this is a “me dysfunction” and I will explain this later. There’s nothing wrong with the fragrance and it has many notes that I love. I’ve tried to fall in love with it, but I haven’t.

Couer de Vétiver Sacré opens with some smokiness that reminds me of gunpowder black tea with the faintest amount of sweet orange oil. I then get chewy dried fruits, especially apricot, with exotic spices… Continue reading | 4 Comments