Bourbon French Parfums Perfume of Paradise EDT Review

Alice Faye

Bourbon French Parfums is a niche perfume house located in the beautiful French Quarter of New Orleans. Here’s what I  noticed about the line: they do aldehydic and retro florals very well and as a whole, they are very, very affordable.

Perfume of Paradise opens a crisp green florals and aldehydes. It reminds me of the big beautiful aldehydic, feminine “greens” of the 1960’s-1970’s. The florals are slightly soapy, but in a good way, in a vintage way. The dewy lily of the valley florals lose… Continue reading | 5 Comments

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1940’s Fashion – Get the Makeup Look of Alice Faye

color photo of 1940's actress Alice Faye

I always feel a bit sad about my freckles, but hey, look at Alice Faye. She has freckles and she’s still a babe. I like this look because it’s very laid-back and summery in a vintage way. And this is a great look for blondes and redheads with warm complexions. Here’s what I did to get a similiar 40’s inspired Alice Faye look:

FACE: With my fingers, I applied Lancôme Bienfait Multi-Vital Tinted Moisturizerin Sand. With my… Continue reading | 2 Comments

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More 1930’s Fashion: Get the Makeup Look of Alice Faye

1930's Fashion Get the makeup Look of Alice Faye

Alice is sporting quite the look here with those interesting bangs. I may not like the hair but I do like a classic, matte red lipstick look. Here’s what I did to create a 1930’s inspired Alice Faye makeup look…sans the goofy poofy hair:

FACE: I applied Shiseido Stick Foundation in 020 with my fingers. With my Bobbi Brown Concealer Brush, I applied e.l.f