Opus Oils Spank Natural Perfume Review

Hedy Lamarr

Opus Oils is an indie perfume brand located in Hollywood. If you dig through my archives, you’ll see that I have reviewed quite a few things from the brand. Spank is a perfume in the Fetish Collection. The brand works in mixed media compositions but does offer all-natural compositions as well. Spank is one of the all-natural perfumes.

Spank is animalic. Should that be any surprise with a name like “spank”?! Spank is a natural leather perfume. I admit at first, it’s odd. It’s camphoric/green but sweet… Continue reading


Amouroud Safran Rare Perfume Review

Amouroud Safran Oud

Amouroud Safran Rare is getting some buzz in the Perfume World and for a rightful reason: It smells good.

The opening of Safran Rare reminds me of if you had a really fancy perfume sample and spilled all in the bottom of your new leather bag. It’s spicy and slightly floral, but overall, it’s very leathery. There’s a prominent raspberry note. It wears as a leathery saffron with a lift from dry spices and a lemon-y frankincense. The heart introduces a jammy rose (like roses, honey… Continue reading


Alchemologie Flora Natural Perfume Review

Alchemologie Flora

Carnation absolute is one of those raw materials that make me swoon – deep, rich, spicy with a hint of green floral. It’s one of those complex absolutes that I smell and go “This is perfume!” Sadly, carnation, as a note, is viewed as “old fashioned” but it’s not carnation’s fault. IFRA’s strict eugenol regulations have made many good carnations extinct (like Floris Malmaison). So, what happened is that many carnations are associated with a certain era and because of the regulations and costs, we… Continue reading | 4 Comments


La Curie Faunus EDP Perfume Review

La Curie Faunus

La Curie is a Southwestern indie perfume line inspired by myths, legends and mystics. Faunus, a smoldering woodsy scent, is one inspired by a forest god.

Faunus is opens with one of those leathery-mustardy synth ouds (which I like) with a delicate bergamot glimmer. It starts to smell like a new leather moto jacket with oud. Faunus dries down to a smoldering cedar incense.

OK, so I never layer perfumes because I often see it as gimmick-y (since it involves at least 2 perfumes, so… Continue reading | 8 Comments


DSH Perfumes Oude Arabique EDP Perfume Review

I was plesantly surprised to find a sample of DSH Perfumes Parfum des Beaux Arts Oude Arabique. I didn’t know I had it! Organizing my samples paid off. Oude Arabique is described as “Rare. Mystical. Sacred.” I agree. It’s an ancient smelling Arabic oud blend: rich, exotic, and woodsy.

Oude Arabique opens up as gummy, ambergris, and a bitter elemi. I can best describe this bitterness as the strange tartness associated with incense that often resembles lemon and pine. With this “feel” it goes from murky, gummy… Continue reading | 13 Comments