Aether Arts Electrum Perfume Review

Aether Arts Electrum

Aether Arts Electrum is a perfume that mixes “gold and silver”. It’s an amber that brings together warm and cool notes. The final result is a rather “foresty” amber.

Electrum reminds me of marshmallows in the snow. It’s a sweet marshmallow amber with cool snow-covered fir trees. There’s something in Electrum that is savory, like mushrooms cooked in broth. It’s “meaty”; it has density. When it warms up, it becomes this balsamic vanilla and amber with gooey, sap-like resins. There’s a mix of this sweet, syrupy… Continue reading | 2 Comments


Aether Arts Burner No. 4 John Frum Perfume Review

Aether Arts John Frum

Amber Jobin, the perfumer behind Aether Arts, isn’t exactly “new” to the perfume world. She apprenticed with DSH Perfumes before creating her own line. But, in the world of perfumes, Aether Arts is new. Being a perfume blogger, I try many new brands and perfumes and I love doing this. When Amber reached out to me to introduce her new line to me I was, of course, interested. I didn’t know anything about her other than she loved perfume and apprenticed with one of my favorite… Continue reading | 5 Comments


Aether Arts Nude Moderne Perfume Oil Review

Aether Arts Nude Moderne

Aether Arts Nude Moderne is a skin-scent musk. It’s rather simple but composing a simple musk is harder than it appears. I would compare Nude Moderne to those “no makeup makeup” looks. They look effortless and bare but in reality it takes at least 8-10 products to achieve such effortlessness! It takes a lot to perfect such a musk.

Nude Moderne is a soft musk. Like I’ve already said, it’s a skin scent. There’s little transition with the fragrance. The opening displays some brightness, almost… Continue reading | 2 Comments


Aether Arts Aether Argent EDP Perfume Review

Aether Arts Argent

Aether Arts Aether Argent is the first perfume in the Aether Series, a series of perfumes that explores ozonic and marine scents. Aether Argent is inspired by the stratosphere.

Aether Argent opens as cool and refreshing muddled mint leaves in sparkling water. It’s effervescent. Aether Argent becomes a crystal clear mineral water with an evergreen sprig and herbal ice cubes. The dry-down is an abstract floral clean musk (it wears like this for much of the wear).

This is one of those sheer, unobtrusive fragrance… Continue reading | 1 Comment


Aether Arts A Roll in the Grass Perfume Oil Review

Aether Arts A Roll in the Grass

Aether Arts is a new niche perfume line by Amber Jobin. The “Burner” series is a collection of perfume inspired by Burning Man. Each Burning Man has a theme. If you didn’t know that before, now you know. No. 2 A Roll in the Grass is inspired by the “Rites of Passage” theme.

The perfumer says:
“Rites of Passage was the art theme for this Burning Man festival. I interpreted Rites of Passage to be those awkward yet thrilling—perhaps… Continue reading | 2 Comments