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EauMG’s Perfume Picks for Summer 2013 Video

Here are my summer 2013 fragrance recommendations in a variety of categories and price points.

Tropical scents for the beach or the days when you wish you were at the beach

Lili Bermuda South Water EDT – This is a sheer coconut with salt and citrus. It’s like a lot like CREED Virgin Island Water but it’s note. I actually enjoy the saltiness of this one more. Unisex and wonderful. The 3.4 oz bottle retails for $65 at Lili Bermuda. 

L’Artisan Parfumuer Batucada EDT


Opus Oils Kitten Perfume Review

Opus Oils Burlesque Kitten

Opus Oils Kitten is described as a floral-citrus aldehyde in the Burlesque Collection. It’s the “if you like Chanel No. 5 then you will like this” fragrance. I agree to some extent. Kitten is playful, exuberant, and classic feeling. But, I find that aldehydes are polarizing in the fragrance world. You either love or hate them. Kitten isn’t polarizing. It’s a middle-ground sparkling citrus floral, a really good fruity-floral. If aldehydes scare you, Kitten won’t. And if you love aldehydes, then you’ll appreciate the… Continue reading | 9 Comments