Art de Parfum Excentrique Moi Perfume Review

Art de Parfum Excentrique Moi

I would like to think that when a brand/perfumer/creative director agrees to launch a perfume that they think the final mod is eccentric. I’m not saying that they should be “weird” but I’d like to think there are people launching perfumes that they think aren’t clones of something else. I know this thought is naïve. There are entire companies that exist to copy fragrances (like the drugstore Designer Imposters). We also know that fragrance is a business and utilize focus groups to create something that sales… Continue reading | 2 Comments


MIKMOI Aldwych EDP Perfume Review

Mikmoi Aldwych

My favorite smell in the world is that of the ocean. And I’m not talking perfumery’s usual take on the ocean which is just squeaky clean soap. I like the smell of the ocean. Salt air, brine, seaweed and oysters. This doesn’t mean that I want to walk around smelling like a fish market, but I do love a briney perfume, something not afraid to bring in some of the dirtiness from the ocean into its composition. The ocean represents both birth and decomposition. MIKMOI Aldwych is one… Continue reading | 9 Comments


Mojo Magique EDT Perfume Review

Mojo Magique perfume

Mojo is a casual clothing line based in Louisiana created by twin brothers. This year they launched a fragrance, Mojo Magique. It’s an extension of their laid-back clothing line drawing inspiration from the bayous and traditional Southern gardens of Louisiana.

I love New Orleans and if I could get David to move there, I would. However, I’m completely aware that he probably wouldn’t find work there like he could here so I don’t push it. New Orleans is one of the few places that I feel… Continue reading | 8 Comments


Nasomatto Absinth Perfume Review

Nasomatto Absinth parfum

I spent years trying to find an absinthe fragrance that I liked. And I found it. It is aroma M Geisha Green. I was disappointed by so many fragrances claiming to be inspired by absinthe. I thought they were jumping on the trend wagon to sell perfume. Now that I’ve found one that I like, I’m going back and revisiting those absinthe perfumes that didn’t please me at first. I still see Nasomatto as a bad, literal absinthe fragrance but I now see it as a… Continue reading | 2 Comments


Aroma M Geisha Green Perfume Oil Review

Aroma M Geisha Green

When it comes to “absinthe” perfumes, I know what I want. In the past, I had no luck finding it. All I want is something herbaceous, cool like wormwood, and with a kick of licorice. I want all of this without it coming across as a “sporty” men’s fragrance . What I want is to be like a Mucha or Art Noveau absinthe sylph. Good news, I’ve found it. Aroma M Geisha Green, this is the only “absinthe” perfume that I’ve tried that has been… Continue reading | 17 Comments