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More 1950’s Fashion: Get The Makeup Look of Ursula Thiess

April 1954

I love Ursula’s look on this Photoplay cover. It is such a timeless makeup look. It’s all about a flawless complexion and luscious lips. I also find her hair worn down very sexy. Many of the pictures of early 1950’s starlets feature their hair curled and worn up. This look really works with many complexions but it looks really amazing on warm skintones with brunette or black hair. To get this timeless look:

FACE: For skin this flawless, most people will need to apply a… Continue┬áreading | 3 Comments

makeup instruction, vintage

More 1950’s Fashion: Get the Makeup Look of Dorothy Dandridge

1950's style icon Dorothy Dandridge
photo from

I love Dorothy Dandridge. This is a beautiful picture of her. She’s pretty in pink ­čÖé I am also loving her thick brows in this pic. This look can work for many complexions, eye colors, and hair colors. Here’s the colors that I used to achieve this classic 1950’s pink makeup look.

FACE: Apply a dewy finish foundation such as Lanc├┤me

makeup instruction, vintage

More 1950’s Fashion: Get the Makeup Look of Cornell Borchers

1950's German actress Cornell Borchers
photo from

This is an adorable picture of Cornell Borchers. The colors and the trench like top are very autumn. It’s just a happy picture. This vintage look is a wonderful “everyday” look. It’s polished and put together. The colors work for many complexions, especially light warm or olive complexions. To get this look…

FACE: Cornell skin is flawless and glowing. Apply a light reflecting foundation such as Stila Illuminating Liquid Foundation in your shade. Follow with concealer… Continue┬áreading | 4 Comments

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More 1950’s Fashion: Get the Makeup Look of Kim Novak


This is such a delicate look. It is one of those nice “pale” spring/summer looks. Or a nice “nude” makeup look. It’s a great look for light complexions, blondes and those with natural gray hair. Kim Novak compared to other actresses of the era always seemed to go “lighter” with her makeup. In the majority of publicity pics, you see her with swipe of liquid liner and a pale pink, pearly peach, or bronze lipsticks. She did this “understated” look so well. Compared to other divas of the day, it isn’t hard… Continue┬áreading | 2 Comments

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More of the 1950’s: Get the Look of Eartha Kitt

This is such an easy but polished look to pull off. It’s all about glowing skin and a bold but not brash lip. To get this look…

FACE: I would leave skin very sheer and just apply a highlighting cream/liquid such as Chanel Soleil de Tan de Chanel. I would use my fingertips to apply to the cheek bones to above the brow bones in a large “C” motion and down the nose. Cover up any “problem spots” with a concealer like CoverGirl Invisible Cream Concealer