Perfumer’s Workshop Tea Rose Perfume Review

Perfumer's Workshop Tea Rose Perfume Review

Another week of Roses! Rose Cheapies – 2019

Winter has left me feeling exceptionally “blah” this year so I’m basically trying to do anything that I think will remind that my feelings and this cold season are temporary. As a distraction, I did something I tell all of ya’ll not to do. I blind-bought perfumes. But, let me explain! I bought rose-centric perfumes from a discount site, all of them selling for under $25. That seems like less of a gamble, right? This week I will see if the blind-sniffing odds were

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The Lipstick League – Week of 2/26/18 – Year Round Skincare

Grace Coddington

The Lipstick League – week of 2.26.18

Question of the Week: What’s the one skincare product you use year round?

EauMG’s Answer: All of them? Or at least a variation. If I had to break it down to exact name brand items, it’s Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid, my prescriptions, a benzoyl peroxide acne spot treatment (usually something cheap like Clearasil), The Ordinary Vitamin C and The Ordinary Azelaic Acid. I switch up my cleansers, SPF, creams

Blog Weekly Roundup

The Lipstick League – Week of 7/21/14

Jennifer O'Neill

The Lipstick League – week of 7.21.14

Question of the Week: What are some products that you discovered this summer that you’ll continue to use throughout the year (and beyond)?

EauMG’s Answer: This is the Summer of No-Buy, so I’m using up products that I already own. I have started using sheet masks again and that’s something that I’d like to continue using. I’ve also rediscovered that I like Aveda hair products and that I have some really nice perfumes that I should wear more


Caron Infini EDT Perfume Review

Caron Infini EDT

I love Caron fragrances because they tell a story. And most of the time I don’t need to know the story beforehand. I figure it out on my own.

While wearing Caron Infini EDT, I was hearing the song “In The Year 2525“, the Visage cover, of course. Something about Infini reminded me of all of the 1970’s sci-fi movies that I love and it’s very New Romantic as well. It’s difficult for me to explain. Infini EDT is very definite of 1970’s perfume. Somehow it’s optimistic… Continue reading | 4 Comments

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1970’s Fashion – Get the Makeup Look of Rita Lee

Rita Lee

I love Rita Lee. I love any woman that plays a theremin. Here’s my non-fussy simple early 1970’s makeup look inspired by Rita Lee here:

FACE: Rita’s freckles show through. I applied Lancôme Beinfait Multi-Vital Tinted Moisturizer in Sand for sheer coverage. I need more coverage under the eyes, so I applied Covergirl Simply Ageless Concealer in Corrector with my fingers. I took a fluffy brush and applied Clarins Loose Powder in Beige to the t-zone. On the cheeks… Continue reading | 2 Comments