Fumie New Year’s Resolutions 2013

Sally Blane

2013 is going to be awesome. I wish you a year prosperity, peace and perfume. I’ve set my goals for the year. And yes, I even do resolutions,  but I’ve learned to be realistic over the years. I’m sparing you my health, mental and career resolutions and giving you my perfume related resolutions:

1. Organize my collection. – Last year, I stuck with my perfume resolutions which was more about consumption. This year I need to organize what I own logically…including samples. I have so many nice… Continue reading | 5 Comments

Blog Weekly Roundup

The Lipstick League – Week of 7.9.12

1920 Rouge makeup ad
I want these.

The Lipstick League – week of 7.9.12

Question of the Week: What product(s) do you use to clean your makeup brushes?

EauMG’s Answer: I use whatever shampoo I’m using at the moment. I use Dawn dish soap on foundation and concealer brushes. It really cuts through the grease.

Prime Beauty – reviews the June GlossyBox and has one to giveaway too!

Phyrra – Phyrra feels a sin comin’ on. Oh wait! That’s just Sinful for Her by

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1920’s Fashion – Get the Makeup Look of May Allison

Mary Allison 1923

As a person that loves a bold red lip, I love this 1923 Photoplay cover featuring theater and film actress May Allison. This violet-eyed actress had a long life; she celebrated 98 birthdays. May acted alongside Theda Bara, but her career practically ended when onscreen boyfriend, Harold Lockwood, died during the flu epidemic of 1918. This cover is from 1923. May’s career was dwindling but people still loved her face.  And I can see why.

Here’s what I did to get a similar look… Continue reading | 4 Comments

makeup instruction, vintage

1920’s Fashion – Get the Makeup Look of Anny Ondra

Actress Anny Ondra

Anny Ondra was a Czech actress that played in a few very, very early Hitchcock thrillers. I love this pic of her because it’s very modern. This is wearable 1920’s makeup. Everyone did not look like a “flapper” or at least what we think of when we think vampy lipstick flappers with blunt bangs. Here’s what I did to get an Anny Ondra inspired makeup look:

FACE: I applied Shiseido Stick Foundation in O20 and blended with a makeup sponge. Under… Continue reading | 10 Comments

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Etat Libre d’Orange Jasmin et Cigarette EDP Perfume Review


Jasmin et Cigarettes is time travel in a bottle. It’s a jazzy, skanky jasmine with this dry, hay-like, fresh pack of cigarettes. A very realistic, freshly opened pack of smokes. But, that isn’t all. If you wanted that, one could purchase a heavily taxed pack of cigarettes. You do get jasmine, but that isn’t what impresses me (actually this jasmine is quite “low brow”). I love the fruity, chewy addition of osmanthus like apricot. I think this is brilliant: hay, dried apricot florals and a fresh pack of ciggarettes. The dry down is “odd” but I think it… Continue reading | 9 Comments