Sweet Anthem Valentine’s Tea Party Invite

On the 11th, this Saturday, from 12-4 PM, Sweet Anthem Handmade Perfumes, will be hosting their first ever Valentine’s Day Tea Party. During this event, you’ll be able to purchase flowers, perfumes and sweets from Seattle-based designers and receive gifts with purchase. You’ll be able to sample specialty teas and meet with local designers.

Sweet Anthem Seattle

Who will be there?

Perfumer, Nikki Sherritt, of the natural candle line, Gabriel’s Aunt, and natural perfume line, Rebel + Mercury. I included one of Nikki’s candles in my 2012 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide. Her perfumes are great too!

Truffle artisan and gardener, Anne Dowell, of Garden Bon Bons. I would love to try her edible flower truffles!

Chocolatier, Lydia Love, of Chakralat. She makes an organic bee pollen chocolate. That’s one of my favorite combos for chocolate.

And Meredith Smith, perfumer and owner of Sweet Anthem Perfumes.

The Sweet Anthem store carries many amazing indie perfumes such as Ayala Moriel, Aftelier, Slumberhouse, Wiggle Perfumes, and many more. I guarantee that you’ll find something truly indie and handmade that you love at Sweet Anthem.

The Sweet Anthem Atelier is located on 6021-B California Ave. SW in West Seattle. You can find more contact info at Go to this link to RSVP for this event.

*Snowy Sweet Anthem pic © Sweet Anthem. I can’t believe we were covered in snow just a few weeks ago!

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