Sweet Anthem Valentine for Vendetta Perfume Review – Lolita & Poppy

Sweet Anthem Lolita

Just in time for Valetine’s Day, Sweet Anthem is launching two new limited edition perfumes, Lolita and Poppy. These are in the Valentine for Vendetta Anthology, the house’s Spring Collection.

Lolita has notes of black currant, cherry blossom, rosewood, tonka bean and sea salt.

Lolita opens as a delicate, powdery cherry blossom. Lolita has a clean, warm quality that reminds me of sun-dried linens. It’s sheer, warm and laundered. It’s one of those delicate, musky florals.

*Technically* I shouldn’t really like a clean and fresh fragrance like Lolita but I do. This is why we don’t fragrance profile ourselves! I think much of why I enjoy Lolita is that it reminds me of a friend.  And since she is totally rad, I love Lolita.

One to try if you like perfumes like Philosophy Amazing Grace, L’Occitane Cherry Blossom, Apothia IF and/or J. Lo Glow. This is a good one for “day” wear year-round.

I find projection to be above average and longevity average.

Victoria’s Final EauPINION Sweet floral and clean laundry. Just like Philosophy Amazing Grace, I shouldn’t technically like this but I do. And I’m not complaining.

Poppy has notes of cocoa, clove, red flowers, opium and Turkish musk.

Poppy opens as a  rich, leathery cocoa. And then it becomes this dark, smoky musk. To my surprise and after about an hour of wear, Poppy becomes a mix or a dry rose and clove-like carnation. There’s now a spicy floral over that dark, smoky musk.

David actually complimented my fragrance while wearing this one. He tends to like the “dark” stuff.

One to try if you like perfume like Saffron James Punono, Sarah Horowitz Love Comes from Within, Ralph Lauren Notorious and/or Pacifica Mexican Cocoa. I find this one much more unisex than Lolita.

Projection and longevity are above average.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONMexican hot chocolate, carnations and sultry musk. This is a really nifty take on chocolate perfumes.

Each of these are available as an EDP ($18), perfume oil ($32) and solid perfume ($12) at Sweet Anthem. 

Also, Sweet Anthem is offering a new seasonal subscription program, The SA List. This program is worth checking out if you’re into indie perfumes. From what I understand, if you sign up by April 1st, you’ll receive the two that I reviewed.

*Disclaimer – Samples provided by SA. I am not financially compensated for this review. My opinions are my own. Product pic from Sweet Anthem.

7 thoughts on “Sweet Anthem Valentine for Vendetta Perfume Review – Lolita & Poppy

    1. That’s why perfume reviews are so fun! They vary from person to person. I love to read everyone’s different perceptions of fragrance.

      I have this weird obsession with Amazing Grace. It’s unlike anything else that I like but I love it.

  1. These sound really good. I have a couple from Sweet Anthem that I really like–Julia and Sophie. I am quite tempted by these new ones. Thanks for all the nice articles and gift lists. I, and the rest of your loyal readers, do appreciate it.

    1. Sophie is one of my favorites from the line. I could see Poppy being Sophie’s moodier, goth sister. The price is right with this brand and I love that the perfumes come in smaller, more affordable bottles.

      Thank you for reading! I appreciate it so much.

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