Sweet Anthem Floral Perfume Reviews

Sweet Anthem is a Seattle-based perfume line by perfumer Meredith Smith. Here’s my review of a few of their floral perfumes that are in the all-year catalog.

Sweet Anthem Annabelle

Annabelle perfume oil has notes of jasmine, osmanthus, sea salt, and white amber.

Annabelle opens as a tropical coconut floral reminding me of manoï. I get a ripe banana ylang-ylang. It’s a tropical floral by the sea. It dries down to a warm, powdery amber. In the oil base, it’s a good choice for a “beach” perfume. If you’re looking for a beach fragrance for this summer, try Annabelle.

Victoria’s Final EauPINION– Tropical vacation crammed into a little magical bottle of oil.

Sweet Anthem Catherine

Catherine perfume oil has notes of amber, bergamot, red tea and wisteria.

Catherine opens as a “purple floral” reminding me of lilacs in full bloom. Catherine is really heady floral for most of the wear until it turns into a brewed Earl Grey and amber. It has enough “umph” for evening wear. In the oil base, it smells like an “oil” which I associate with hippie or boho college students. I have sniffed this one as an EDP and prefer it in the alcohol base. Saying that, there are many people that may prefer the oil. I have some oil-based issues that I’m very open about.

Victoria’s Final EauPINION – Purple floral amber. I recommend it for evening.

Sweet Anthem Juliet

Juliet solid perfume has notes of clove, jasmine sambac, mango, muskwood, neroli, pink pepper and tobacco.

Juliet is a fruity, juicy mango reminding me of Jumex. It gets spicier with a carnation-like clove and fruity pink pepper. The dry-down is a sweet pipe tobacco. I have a hunch that this one comes across as more complex in an alcohol or oil base. It’s good in a solid but I can tell that it could “dazzle” more in a liquid base with those top notes.

Victoria’s Final EauPINION – Spicy mango shisa. It’s good and I like it but I want to try it in a liquid as I feel the neroli and pink pepper aren’t “projecting” in the solid.

Sweet Anthem Joan

Joan solid perfume has notes of beeswax, coriander, peony, tomato leaf and white mint.

Joan reminds me of madrone in bloom – like a honeysuckle with a “bite”. There’s a sharp tomato leaf and cool mint. Both are straight from the garden. Joan is both cool and warm. I typically prefer alcohol based perfumes but I like this honeyed floral in the wax base.

Victoria’s Final EauPINION – Madrone in bloom. I love it.  It’s full bottle (tub or whatever you say with a solid) worthy. It reminds me of late summer in Western Washington. I need it.

Solid perfumes are $8.50 to $16 depending on their size. Perfume oils are $28 to $42 depending on size. EDPs that are in an alcohol base are $28. All are available at Sweet Anthem (there’s a brick and mortar store as well located in West Seattle). *Note that pics above are of the EDPs. You can find the oils and solids on Sweet Anthem’s website. AND Sweet Anthem also sells generous sized samples.

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*Samples purchased by me. Pics from Sweet Anthem.

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    1. I can see that. Like I said, I’m not one for solids either but I actually prefer some of these in solid over the EDP. I also find that I tend to like coconut or tropical scents in oil form as well.

    1. I need Joan! I love it. I used up my little solid sample.

      I really like Juliet too and the solid is very good but I want to try it in the alcohol and oil base before buying a bottle (or tube!)

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