Sweet Anthem Enchanted Fragrances EDP Perfume Reviews

Sweet Anthem has launched the Enchanted Collection, a collection of indie perfumes inspired by fairy tales. The collection is divided into Villains and Heroines. Isn’t that nifty?

Sweet Anthem Villains

Villains, Part 1

Black Queen

Notes listed include apple, linden blossom, oakmoss and tonka bean.

Black Queen is like an apple gummy bear. Black Queen is sweet with a fruity tartness. It eventually becomes a creamy key lime pie with a side of moss on my skin.

Out of these four, Black Queen is my least favorite to wear because my skin intensifies its fruitiness to epic proportions. However, I think it’s an interesting concept. If you like sweet or fruity and want something that isn’t the average sweet/fruity, give it a try.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONAn apple gummy bear chypre. And yeah, that’s not something I get to say frequently, OK, ever. If this sounds intriguing, then try it because there isn’t anything like it.

Evelyn Nesbit

Red Queen

Notes listed include cardamom, fig, honey, leather, rose and white pepper. 

Red Queen opens with cool cardamom and warm honey. The scent morphs into a spicy leather. The leather isn’t worn or rustic, it’s more like new black leather…with a honeyed sweetened cardamom steamed milk. The heart wears as a leather rose that gets more powdery as it dries down. It does seem like something a really sexy villain would wear.

While wearing this one, it kept reminding me of something else but I couldn’t remember what it was. This was slowly driving me insane. And then it hit me. Red Queen reminds me of Red Queen. This is a relaunch! Now I can obsess and go crazy about some other little thing…

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONCardamom, rose and leather. I liked it before and I still do. Nice choice for autumn wear. 

Sweet Anthem Heroines

Heroines, Part 1

Briar Rose

Notes listed include beeswax, rose otto, tomato leaf and white amber.

Briar Rose is like crisp, green leaves and beeswax. This reminds me of spring. In fact, this scent reminds me of black locust trees blooming in the Appalachians. Briar Rose is like honeyed greens and apple blossoms. The heart is like apples and honey, which makes me think of Rosh Hashanah.

Victoria’s Final EauPINION Apples, foliage and honey – Rosh Hashanah in the Appalachians. It’s a reference I don’t expect many people to get, but that’s OK. It smells great and I really like it.


Silent Film Snow White


Notes listed include osmanthus, petit grain, white musk and vetiver.

Snow White is a sheer veil of bitter green petitgrain and peach essence, a modern eau de cologne. Snow White is a spectre of a fragrance. It’s a whisper that only you heard. With wear it’s more of an “osmanthus water” with a cool white musk. After years and years of OD’n on heavy scents, these days I warmly welcome compositions like Snow White.

While the projection and longevity of the others in this collection are average (above average in the case of Red Queen), projection and longevity are below average for Snow White, think of it like an eau de cologne. Give it a try if you like osmanthus or traditional petit grain/neroli eau de colognes.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONA ghostly osmanthus eau de cologne. I’m actually surprised by how much I like this. I want gallons of this stuff around this summer. It’s lovely.

I tend to be attracted to a “darker” aesthetic so when sampling these, I immediately went for the Villains. However, I prefer the Heroines over the Villains. Sometimes I surprise myself 😉

These perfumes come in the three formats offered by Sweet Anthem: EDP (alcohol-based, retailing for $18), oil-based (retailing for $18) and solid (retailing for $6.50) at Sweet Anthem. Samples are also available for purchase. I’ve reviewed the EDPs.

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*Disclaimer – Samples provided by the brand. I am not financially compensated for my reviews. My opinions are my own. Product images from Sweet Anthem. Evelyn Nesbit from Marguerite Clark as Snow White from


15 thoughts on “Sweet Anthem Enchanted Fragrances EDP Perfume Reviews

    1. Enjoyed reading APJ’s thoughts! Snow White is sooo perfect for these hot, muggy days we’ve been having here.

    1. It really is a great concept for a collection. PLUS they don’t cost a fortune! So you can even fall in love with all of them 😉

  1. Red Queen is a no-brainer for me but you’ve talked me into Snow White too. Am going to order both of them ASAP!

  2. Just ordered samples of Snow White and Red Queen and even added Walden because it sounded intriguing and because I am from Massachusetts I have an affinity with Walden Pond.
    I haven’t ordered samples in ages – I am excited!

    1. I remember liking Walden too. I need to find that sample, it’s somewhere…my perfumes aren’t really that organized, especially after moving.

      Good time to order! Meredith, the perfumer, will be taking maternity leave in July.

    1. I know! So many things on the market are redundant. With that in mind, I’ve learned to appreciate the things that don’t remind me of any other perfume.

  3. Can’t wait to give these a try! Meredith made a custom solid perfume for me last year, it is great and the process was really fun. oh……and…….Rosh Hashana in the Appalachians!!! Oh god, I almost spit out my Charoset I was laughing so hard. What’s next? Purin in the Poconos????

    1. Haha, “Purin in the Poconos”! Where do I buy this? 🙂

      Regarding the bespoke solid, that’s awesome. I wish I had done that before moving. As far as bespoke goes, Sweet Anthem’s are more affordable and I bet the final outcome is really good.

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