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Sula Sun-Kissed Citrus Perfume Review

Sula Sunkissed Citrus perfume

Sula Sun-Kissed Citrus perfume is a feminine fruity citrus fragrance created by Susanne Lang. The name “Sun-kissed Citrus” is very fitting for this fragrance! It is a very “sunny” citrus fragrance.

At first spritz, Sun-Kissed Citrus is a very tart citrus with the zest of grapefruit. This fragrance is feminine with juicy citrus. It smells of grapefruit and lemon zest and tart yuzu juice. This isn’t the tartest citrus fragrance I’ve ever tried. There is something much more “mellow” in this Sula fragrance. It’s tart but sweet. It’s effervescent, energetic, and fresh. I do pick up more tartness from a sour green apple and green melon complementing the citrus (at this stage I smell tangerine juice too), this is a pectin heavy scent 🙂 I know from my description that this fragrance should smell gross. I mean green apple and melon aren’t really “sophisticated” fragrances and often smell cheap-o. Sula Sun-Kissed Citrus works. It actually smells like a real fruit salad or a farmer’s market fruit stand instead of a Jolly Rancher. The green apple and melon are used in small doses. The juicy, tart citrus mingle with the other fruits. It’s a feminine, effervescent citrus. It’s a fresh and juicy scent. The dry-down is still very citrusy, “warmer” from the woods, and less tart. However, this is a citrus fragrance right down to the core. You’ll still be sniffing citrus zest at the dry-down.

Citrus fragrances aren’t my favorite fragrances. If I wear citrus, I usually go for “salty” or citrus blossoms. I really didn’t expect to like Sula Sun-Kissed Citrus, but I do. I need a few “happy” fragrances for my collection to try to balance all the smoky incense, woodsy, and moody fragrances in my collection. This Sula fragrance is a happy, sunny fragrance. But, it isn’t too “happy” so I can pull it off. It reminds me of the few things I like about Clinique Happy and DKNY Be Delicious (citrus and fruits) but it doesn’t give me a headache because the citrus is played up much more than any hissy florals.  And the price is good for me. I don’t see myself wearing “happy” fragrances too often.

Notes listed include grapefruit zest, citron, Japanese yuzu, green apple, jasmine, melon, blondewood, and sandalwood.

Try Sula Sun-Kissed Citrus if you like sunny, happy, citrus fragrances on the feminine end of the spectrum or if you like fragrances like Love+Toast Sugar Grapefruit, Lily Pulitzer Squeeze, Smell Bent Tok’Yo Mama, Ralph Lauren Ralph, DKNY Be Delicious  and/or Clinique Happy (or even the discontinued Clinique Happy to Be). Sula Sun-Kissed Citrus is one of those fragrances that I can see many people liking because it has enough of a mainstream vibe but it tarter than the mainstream stuff; therefore, it is slightly more interesting. It isn’t floral like the mainstream juices. This is also a wonderful fragrance for layering. Spritz it over any fragrance to add a tart, citrus “top”. Oh, and I think Sula Sun-Kissed Citrus would smell amazing over a minty lotion; it would be super refreshing.

Fragrance & Food: Here’s a fruit salad recipe that reminds me of Sula Sun-Kissed Citrus. It’s an easy recipe for Citrus Melon Mingle and the recipe is here.

An 1 oz. EDP spray retails for $32, this price makes it a bit of an impulse buy fragrance. UPDATE: I think this fragrance has been discontinued.

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*Disclaimer- This product was provided by PR. I am not financially compensated for this review or any others. My opinions are my own. Product pic from the brand. 

10 thoughts on “Sula Sun-Kissed Citrus Perfume Review

  1. I cam across the Sula line the other day at a local boutique. Unfortunately, they were low on stock and didn;t have the whole line, including the Sun-Kissed Citrus. That makes me think it must be a popular scent!

    Like you, I prefer “moody” fragrances, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to let the sun shine in from time to time. I’ll give this a sniff when it’s back in stock.

    1. Where I get my hair cut has a little boutique that carries Sula. They are always sold out of Sun-Kissed Citrus too! I forgot to mention that roller-balls are available too.
      I really have no “happy” fragrances or “sunny” fragrances in my collection. It’s nice to have one in my collection. This one is happy but not obnoxious. I find many fragrances marketed as “happy” too obnoxious, too peppy for me 🙂

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