Strangelove NYC Melt My Heart Perfume Review

Strangelove NYC Melt my Heart

Strangelove NYC is a line of über-luxe perfumes that use über-luxe ingredients. I know that sounds like cliché copy. It’s not theirs, it’s mine. I was able to try this line a few months ago. Frankly, I had avoided it because of the price tag (I’m sick of falling for expensive things). But, it was a press event and it was a reason for me to take a break from school stuff and life stress and go smell stuff.

OK, so Strangelove NYC is expensive and basically their focus is the Middle Eastern market. You’ll notice this immediately with the packaging (24-k gold-plated caps) and then again when you sniff what’s inside. They aren’t really to a North American palette (AKA there’s funky oud and indolic flowers). The brand was founded by Elizabeth Gaynes and the creative director is Helena Christensen (yes, that Helena Christensen). The perfumer is Christophe Laudamiel, who it seems was given a palette without a price limit. I’ll say this. Everyone involved is really passionate about the brand and the materials that go into them.

With the opening of MeltMyHeart, I get a warm, dry ginger and creamy sandalwood. This opening is almost edible despite having non-edible notes. It wears as creamy, spicy…delicious without smelling like typical gourmand perfumes. Then it’s like a rooty iris and cocoa powder, which is such a gorgeous combination. As the fragrance evolves, it starts to remind me of supple, worn leather. There’s an oud with muddled red berries. The oud is almost polished – it’s a smooth as a beach pebble. The dry-down is like kitten fur, sandalwood and cafe au lait.

MeltMyHeart is a multi-textural fragrance. When I wear it, I “feel” many textures, all of them cozy like fur, velvet and down-filled pillows. It’s ultimately a “comfort luxe” fragrance. It’s cozy but in the most glamorous way possible. There’s a tenderness to MeltMyHeart that makes for an enjoyable wear.

Gloria Swanson

Notes listed include bergamot, ginger, mandarin, absinthe, magnolia, dark chocolate, ylang ylang, nutmeg, orris butter, sandalwood, sage, oud, Nirvanol (molecular sandalwood) and musk. Launched in 2016. PERFUMER – Christophe Laudamiel

Give Melt My Heart a try if you like soft, sweeter sandalwood/woodsy perfumes. Or perfumes like House of Matriarch Coco Blanc, Ayala Moriel Sunset Beach, Profumum Oxiana, Malle x Dries Van Noten and/or Amouage Sandal Attar. Actually, if you like the (super hard to find) Amouage Attars, I can see you loving this line.

Projection is below average. I’ve noticed all of the perfumes in the brand wear closely to the skin. However, longevity is above average. Please note that I have reviewed the perfume oil and not the EDP (which is pictured above). I’d say these wear like other attars I’ve tried in the past.

The 1/3 perfume oil retails for $390 and the 1.7 EDP for $475 at Bergdorf Goodman and Strangelove NYC. Smaller travel size (and a wearable) are available too.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONChocolate box filled with oud, sandalwood and iris root. It’s a cozy fragrance and one of those elevated “your skin but better”. On my skin, it’s mostly sandalwood and iris.

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*Disclaimer – Sample provided by the brand. I am not financially compensated for my reviews. My opinions are my own. Product pic from Fragrantica. Gloria Swanson pic from