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Strange Invisible Perfumes Lemon & Neroli Body Wash Review

Strange Invisible Perfumes Lemon & neroli

I’m sure that many of you are tired of the summer and tired of the heat. In the Seattle area, we have very mild summers. As I’m typing this it is 63º and overcast. However, this past weekend we had a heatwave, temps were in the 90s. This is miserable when you live life without A/C. This type of heat causes my fragrance tastes to change. Suddenly all I want is citrus (something I never want to wear). And this natural body wash by Strange Invisible Perfumes suddenly becomes exactly what I want.

The scent of Lemon & Neroli is a bitter, salty citrus. I get lemon, orange and the delicate crisp floral of neroli. It’s exactly what I want in the summer and honestly most of the year in a soap. It’s a refreshing, light scent. My husband also loves this product. I recommend the entire Strange Invisible Perfume bath and body line to men. All of the scents are unisex, natural, and simply sophisticated.

This body cleanser is made with organic, natural ingredients. The formula is great. It lathers just like the commercial stuff and rinses off easily. A little bit of this shower gel goes far on a loofah. The packaging is simple and has a pump.

1907 lemon label

The only downside is the price. But, let’s be real. If you cared about price you wouldn’t be buying body wash from a perfumer. You’d go to the drugstore. This product is expensive but all auxiliary products from perfume lines are expensive.

The 8 oz bottle retails for $40 at Beautyhabit.

*Product received in a swag bag as a gift. Product pic from Spirit Beauty Lounge. 1907 lemon label from the Duke Ad Archives. Post contains an affiliate link. Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Strange Invisible Perfumes Lemon & Neroli Body Wash Review

  1. I’m so glad someone else can relate to the “hey, it’s only hit 90 here, but that’s hot when you’re not used to it and no one you know has AC.”

    Being a frugal perfumista, I tend to focus on perfume and not the ancillary products (I’m just a boring ol’ soap girl), but I can totally relate to the citrus craving. 🙂

    1. My TN guests were in during the weekend. “Oh, 90 is no big deal. We’ve had 90+ all summer” They weren’t saying that after sleeping at night with no a/c. Also, when you live in a mild place, your body adapts. I find myself getting sweaty at 75 degrees if the sun is out 🙂

      I usually do not buy the bath/body products. Money is best spent on the juice itself. I use unscented lotion to help the perfume stay on the skin longer. But, sometimes it’s nice to splurge on a shower gel or fancy bar soap or use one that somebody gifts you 🙂

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