Stephane Humbert Lucas 777 Wish Come True Perfume Review

Stephane Humbert Lucas Wish Come True

When I first saw the bottle of Stéphane Humbert Lucas 777 Wish Come True, I had no desire to try the perfume. It looks like a weird Christmas ornament on a giant mall tree. I also thought the name was corny. I later put together that this is one of those French brands inspired by the Middle East. So, I think is some sort of “Aladdin”-ish thing. Anyway, I’m happy I tried it because it’s way more interesting than I initially expected.

Wish Come True is like a floral incense. It opens with a sparkling, aldehydic liturgical-style incense and mandarin oranges. The incense is like lemon-y frankincense and myrrh. It’s bright and effervescent. Wish Come True has a sweetness to it that is more balsamic than it is foody. It’s like balsamic resins and a boozy vanilla. The white florals are heady and sweet. There’s also pecan pie in this. From a distance, Wish Come True smells like a fruity incense. Up close, it’s like a “cake and pies” incense. I think that’s what I admire about Wish Come True. It’s one of those “shapeshifter” perfumes that changes with distance; it seems to hover over the skin. As it wears, it’s like raspberries, caramel and white florals. I also pick up on something peach-y and like osmanthus. The fragrance dries down to something sweet and toasted. You know how with a lot of incense perfumes, the base is smoky? Well, in Wish Come True it’s toasted. It’s like burnt sugar and dry, desert-like incense. There’s also an amber-musk and creamy, custard-like florals with salted caramel.

If a cotton candy perfume could smell straight up like money, it’s Wish Come True. It’s this sweet, candied floral unexpectedly paired with high-end expensive incense resins. This may sound like a wreck, but I think it works so well. The more I wear it, the more it grows on me. I wear it and I get the feeling that I have a trust fund somewhere that guarantees that I never have to work a day in my life. Now can someone tell me how I can get access to this trust? I’m ready for my trust fund baby lifestyle.

Anna May Wong

Notes listed include tangerine, bergamot, ylang-ylang, labdanum, incense, jasmine, ambergris, tuberose, vanilla and musk. Launched in 2017.

Give Wish Come True a try if you like the thought of a floral/gourmand incense or a more feminine take on incense perfumes. Or perfumes like Ex Nihilo Love Shot, Mancera Velvet Vanilla, Guerlain Angélique Noire, Profumi del Forte Vaiana Dea and/or Moresque Diadema. It is sweet, so I think you need to be someone that can wear gourmands to like Wish Come True.

Projection and longevity are above average.

The 1.7 oz retails for $225 at Osswald. Samples are also available for purchase.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONCandied florals, salted caramel and incense. It may not sound like something that “work”, but I think it does. It manages to be a sweet, candied thing that manages to smell “expensive”. I didn’t even know that was possible until I tried Wish Come True.

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*Sample obtained by me. Product pic from Fragrantica. Anna May Wong pic from

2 thoughts on “Stephane Humbert Lucas 777 Wish Come True Perfume Review

  1. Wish Come True was not an instant love for me, but knowing my fondness for other SHL777 scents I gave it a weeks’ worth of wearing, and I’m so glad I did! Now I love it even with my incense-phobic attitude. It really grew on me, and I suspect a FB is in my near future. Wonderful review, as always!

    1. It’s so good! I have a few bottles of SHL777 because I love his style (rich without being overwhelming). I was so surprised by how much I love this one. It’s such a good incense and not like other incense perfumes.

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