Sospiro by Xerjoff Duetto EDP Perfume Review

Sospiro Duetto perfume

Sospiro is a niche fragrance line created by the niche fragrance line, Xerjoff. It is the line with the purple “peach fuzz” bottles.

Duetto opens with leathery florals. I get a brand new hand bag and rubbery ylang ylang. There’s a rush of spicy florals. And oud. The oud in this comes across as leathery. I get a little bit of the moss but not enough for my nose to say “chypre” but it’s moss.  The heart is a rich amber rose. The rose is slightly citrusy and the amber is a sweeter, more vanilla-amber. The base is very much like the heart – sweet vanilla amber and delicate rose with dried woods. The overall feel of this fragrance is “exotic” and luxurious.

Overall, Duetto smells expensive and has great wear. However, to me it’s another rose-oud and I don’t need another rose-oud in my life (even if it does have amber). Because of the amber, this scent wears softer than most rose-ouds and it’s less shrill than all of the Montales that I’ve tried. It isn’t as “jammy” as Kilian Rose Oud; the rose in Duetto is fresh. It really is a pretty fragrance and worth trying if you are fan of rose-ouds.

Gypsy Rose Lee

Notes listed include ylang ylang, coriander, pink pepper, jasmine, clove, rose, vetiver, musk, sandalwood, patchouli, oak moss, amber, vanilla, and oud.

Give Sospiro a try if you like rich floral oud fragrances. Or if you like perfumes like By Kilian Rose Oud, Montale Black Aoud, Amouage Tribute Attar, Caron Secret Oud, Histoires de Parfum Rosam, Juliette Has a Gun Midnight Oud, and/or SoOud Kanz. Duetto is mainly a rose/oud/amber fragrance. It’s unisex. Because of the notes and projection, I would prefer this one for cooler/milder temps.

Projection and longevity of this scent is above average. I get over 12 hours of wear out of this fragrance.

The 3.4 oz  fragrance retails for $298 at MiN NY.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONRose, oud, and sweet amber. We’ve seen this wonderful combo done before. I admit that Sospiro does this combo very tastefully; yet, I’m not in love. I diagnosed myself with rose-oud ADHD about 8 months ago.

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