Soivohle Lilas et Narcissus EDT Fragrance Review

Soivohle Lilas et Narcissus was launched this spring. And it’s very much a playful spring floral with lilac, violets, and strawberries.

Marjorie Woodworth

Lilas et Narcissus is such a delicate, pretty fragrance. I get a lovely powdered violet with a juicy strawberry. Heady, honeyed spring florals are present. It’s lilac, and yes, it’s white lilac. I also get violet and strawberry. I never knew that I liked strawberry in fragrance until I tried Lilas et Narcissus. It’s a very playful element. The scent gets slightly headier with time. I get that lilac mixed with a humid jasmine. This is a floral fragrance from top to bottom.

Lilas et Narcissus is such a delicate, pretty fragrance that I can’t help but to think of it as a tasteful choice for a “starter” perfume. It’s a fruity-floral that does smell youthful but it also smells very elegant.

Notes listed include White Alba Lilac, narcissus, strawberry, jasmine, violet, and fragrant orchids. PERFUMER – Liz Zorn

Give Lilas et Narcissus a try if you like fruity-florals or powdery florals. Or if you love lilacs. Try it if you like perfumes like Annick Goutal Le Violette, Chloé Love Chloé, Malle En Passant, Guerlain Insolence EDT, and/or Van Cleef & Arpels Feerie EDP. I find Lilas et Narcissus to be a very feminine fragrance that is perfect for spring.

The scent has below average to average projection and longevity depending on how much you apply. I get a few hours of wear.

Lilas et Narcissus comes in a few sizes. A 2 oz EDT spray retails for $110 at Soivohle.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONA delicate fruity-floral with powdery violets, honeyed lilacs, and strawberries. I really like this scent but it isn’t really a “me” scent. However, I wouldn’t mind having a small bottle around for times when I do want to feel whimsy and youthful.

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*Won the sample from a Liz Zorn perfumes Facebook contest. Marjorie Woodworth pic from I can hear my grandma saying, “I love her culottes! Why don’t you wear culottes like that?”

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