AHAVA Moisturizing Soap for Normal to Dry Skin Review

First things first, I really like Ahava products. They somehow make my skin feel really “buffed” and creepily smooth. I started washing my face with Ahava Moisturizing Soap for Normal to Dry Skin a few weeks ago. I’ve used it in the shower on my body in the past. It was nice. However, when used on my face, it makes my skin feel incredibly smooth. My skin feels “slick” and sanded. The soap is glycerin based but I think it has corn starch or something in it to make your skin feel really smooth for the time being. Maybe a residue or something? My skin is shineless too. The soap is lightly scented witha  fresh “Ahava” scent. I really feel the bar will last a while.

It’s available at Nordstrom. 

*Product pic from the brand. Post contains an affiliate link.