Smell Bent Winterrific 2014 Perfume Collection Review

Smell Bent has launched their limited edition perfume collection, Winterrific, just in time for the holidays. These are new takes on Smell Bent’s old holiday favorites.

Here’s my reviews for all four in this collection:

Smell Bent Dr. Dreidel 3000

Dr. Dreidel 3000 with notes of oud, Malaysian sandalwood, guaiacwood, hiba, “designer musk”, vetiver and amber incense.

Every winter, Smell Bent makes a “dreidel” fragrance. I remember Dr. Dreidel from 2010. It was a spicy green perfume that reminded me of Drakkar Noir. This one is really different. Dr. Dreidel 3000 opens as smoky woods and a damp vetiver. With wear it becomes sweeter (but still smoky) woods with a smooth amber. I’m going to agree with the perfumer’s brother on this one, this is the 5th “dreidel” perfume and I think it’s the best one yet!

Give Dr. Dreidel 3000 a try if you like smoky, modern woodsy scents. I think it’s a good choice for younger guys that don’t have much to spend but still want to smell really good.

Smell Bent Lumberjack

Werewolf Lumberjack Reclining on a Bearskin Rug by an Open Fire with notes of “beastly musk”, natural ambergris, castoreum, patchouli and wood smoke.

I recently revisited the original Werewolf Lumberjack and remembered how much I loved that skanky musk. And here I am trying this version, which for the sake of simplicity we’ll call WLRoaBRbaOF (so simple!). Holy skank batman! This is a smoky musk. And yep, it’s like Werewolf Lumberjack reclining on a bearskin rug by an open fire. There’s more smoke and more woods. But, it’s totally skanky, animalic and musky.

This is one to try if you like skank. I also think this one would be a good “base” for any florals that you already own.

Smell Bent Icestation Pineapple

Icestation Pineapple with notes of pineapple sorbet, pine, mint, coconut and icy musk.

This is a twist on the limited edition holiday perfume, Ice Station Zebra (I think it launched in 2012). That fragrance was a nifty little number – evergreens and menthol. I loved that one. Well, I don’t love this one. It’s pine and piña colada. It smells very much like AutoZone. It reminds me way too much of those evergreen tree shaped auto air fresheners. I smell this and see those little yellow and green tree cutouts dangling from a cab mirror. I’m drunk, balancing myself on slick, pleather seats and really satisfied in my ability to remember the address that I need to get to.

Give Icestation Pineapple a try if you like, I don’t know, smelling like a functional fragrance. Or if you want to be reminded of your first car or something. Honestly, this was a scrubber for me.

Smell Bent Siberian Shewolf

Siberian Shewolf with notes of natural ambergris, vanilla, patchouli, sandalwood and spiced musk.

Siberian Shewolf reminds me a lot of the brand’s original Shewolf except this version is without the citrus. It’s a sweet vanilla patchouli with spice. The patchouli in this is doughy and cocoa-ish, once again reminds me of like patchouli chocolate chip cookie dough. It’s a rather simple fragrance that smells like a vanilla patchouli-amber, but these are all notes that I really like. These are the sort of notes I gravitate towards in the winter.

Give Siberian Shewolf a try if you like patchouli or earthy vanillas. Or if you like perfumes like Mugler Angel, Kate Walsh Boyfriend, Chanel Coco Mademoiselle and/or April Aromatics Bohemian Spice. I think it’s more amber-y than the original Shewolf

I sampled the EDTs in this line. I found that they wore average for an EDT. Obviously, those with more skanky base notes lasted longer on the skin than the others. I’d say that I average about 5 hours of wear from these.

Overall, the line is very Smell Bent-ish in that they are quirky and affordable. I really like WLRoaBRbaOF the best but I see the most wearable being Siberian Shewolf and Dr. Dreidel 3000. I never want to think of Icestation Pineapple again.

So, what do you think? Any of these sound interesting to you?

The 1.7 oz EDT retails for $50 and the 5ml oil roll-on retails for $20 at Smell Bent. Samples are also available for purchase. These are available until January 31st, 2015.

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*Disclaimer – Sampled provided by the brand. I am not financially compensated for my reviews. My opinions are my own. Product photos from Smell Bent.

2 thoughts on “Smell Bent Winterrific 2014 Perfume Collection Review

  1. I would like to get Dr. Dreidel 3000 for my sister’s boys. They all wear Drakkar. Does Ice Station smell like Creed’s Virgin Island Water? I picture that fragrance in my mind when you discuss Ice Station. It’s a scrubber for me.

    1. Oh, I was saying that one of the earlier Dreidels reminded me of Drakkar. Dr. Dreidel 3000 is more of a smoky, sweet woodsy fragrance. Really a good choice for younger men (and when I say younger, I guess I mean anyone under 35, lol).

      Nothing like it at all. This really reminds me of pine and pina colada functional scents. It’s not as “subtle” as VIW either. I’m sure someone will like this because that’s the rules with fragrance but for me, it was scrubber.

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