Smell Bent Sunshine EDP Perfume Review

Smell Bent Sunshine

When it comes to citrus, I’m picky. But, if one pairs citrus with vanilla, I’m going to be less picky. I smell vanilla and orange together and automatically have childhood nostalgia. I think of orange cream pops and I can’t be grumpy.

Smell Bent Sunshine is a more “grown-up” take on frozen treats but it’s still fun. It reminds me of orange creamsicles and sunshine. It’s a juicy orange and creamy, sweet vanilla. There is warmth from a warm, milky sandalwood. The dry down of Sunshine is great for someone like me that digs all those hippie incenses. It’s this warm, woodsy sandalwood with something like “Egyptian musk” incense. Sunshine is like a boho incense and creamsicles so it makes me happy.

Pattie Boyd

Notes listed include blood oranges, sandalwood, vanilla drenched resins, and golden musk.

Give Sunshine a try if you like creamy orange scents. Or if you like perfumes like Sarah Horowitz Parfums Perfect Vanilla, ABL Brands Crush’d, Escentual Alchemy Orange Cream and/or By Kilian Sweet Redemption. I think of Sunshine as unisex. Because of the incense and vanilla, this is a good citrus for winter too.

I’ve tried the the oil and the EDP. They both wear rather similarly – linear. The oil wears closer to the skin but has longer longevity. The EDP has more projection and shorter longevity.

The perfume oil retails for $20. The EDP retails for $45. Smaller sizes and samples are also available for purchase at Smell Bent. 

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONOrange creamsicle with sandalwood incense. It makes me happy. And the price is great, so that makes me happy too.

I included Sunshine in my Orange Creamsicle perfume guide. 

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