Smell Bent SheWolf Perfume Oil Review

Smell Bent SheWolf

Happy Halloween!

SheWolf is a limited edition perfume in Smell Bent’s North by Northwest Collection. This is the fall 2011 collection inspired by the ruggedness and awesomeness of the Pacific Northwest. It seems appropriate to post a review based on a female werewolf on Halloween. But, there’s nothing to be scared of with SheWolf unless you are terrified of patchouli.

SheWolf opens as with a sweet vanilla musk. It’s like a “heftier” and “thicker” Coty Vanilla Musk. SheWolf is so sweet that it reminds me of sniffing chocolate chip cookie dough. But, with a soft musk. The “chocolate chip” comes from an earthy, cocoa-ish patchouli, a real patchouli. I have a patchouli weakness, so I like this. But, if you dislike patch, you’re not going to be happy with SheWolf. SheWolf is a sweet patchouli vanilla that wears very linear. The base becomes more vanilla with a subtle hint of cedar. It’s long-wearing but has minimal sillage. I sampled the oil and it wears closely to the skin.

If you liked Smell Bent’s Lucy Fur from the  2010 Attack of the Killer Smellies Collection, SheWolf is your replacement. Also give SheWolf a try if you like Coty Vanilla Musk, LaVanila Pure Vanilla, Thierry Mugler Angel EDP, La Prairie Midnight Rain, Kate Walsh Boyfriend and/or Ralph Lauren Notorious. SheWolf is sweet but the patchouli makes it a bit more unisex, like the way that Angel can be unisex.

Notes listed include sweet citrus, candied patchouli, dry cedar, vanilla and musk.

SheWolf, the perfume oil, retails for $20. This is what I reviewed. The EDT retails for $45. These are available at Smell Bent. And they’ll be gone at the 1st of the new year.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONCookie dough musk and  patchouli. I enjoy wearing it because I like sweet and I like patchouli. SheWolf is based on trashy femme-werewolves and it has a low-brow, trashy feel. I think of it as my “poor gal’s Angel”.

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*A sample was provided by Smell Bent. I am not financially compensated for this review or any others. My opinions are my own.