Smell Bent Otter Luvr Perfume Oil Review

Smell Bent Otter Luvr perfume oil

I admit that I love otters. Who doesn’t? Why haven’t they been domesticated to be my little pets yet? Why? Anyways, Smell Bent Otter LUVr is a fragrance in the limited edition collection, North by Northwest, that is inspired by the Pacific Northwest.

FYI – Otters are real. My guests from the Southeast come out and think that they are only little things that live at aquariums. On the island, you will see dead little ones by the road. They also live under people’s sheds and houses. You don’t notice until your ventilation system starts to bring in the smell of rotting fish carcass. Oh, aren’t they cute?

It’s fragrance reviewing time. Otter Luvr is a bay rum. It’s a spicy bay rum with some filth. It reminds me of grandpa skipping a few showers. There’s a dampness to Otter Luvr that reminds me of wet fall leaves. All you need to know is that Otter Luvr is a like a bay rum “concept” fragrance. It really smells like an otter wearing aftershave. And that means it smells very, very masculine.

Notes listed include bay, oakmoss, algae absolute, natural ambergris, castoreum, sweet resins and musk. PERFUMER – Brent Leonesio

Give Otter Luvr a try if you like bay rum or CB I Hate Perfume style perfumes. This scent is a bit throwback. It smells like bay rum. I’ve always liked that smell.

Will this video ever get old? No.


The North by Northwest Collection will be around until the end of 2011. The oil that I reviewed retails for $25. An EDT spray is also available at Smell Bent.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONOtter wearing bay rum aftershave. If you want a dirty bay rum, here it is.

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*Disclaimer – Sample was provided by Smell Bent. I am not financially compensated for this review or any others. My opinions are my own.

4 thoughts on “Smell Bent Otter Luvr Perfume Oil Review

    1. I do like it. It’s masculine/forest-y. It doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t wear it. But, I must come to terms that I have different “gender-perfume” preferences than the non-fumehead. Most people will think “manly”.
      I want to get an in ground pool just so I can have otters.

    1. Haha, but it’s true. I try to romanticize them despite the fish.
      I like this fragrance. I know there is a person/man out there looking for something like this. I’m not that man 😉

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