Smell Bent Lobster Cellphone EDT Perfume Review

Smell Bent Lobster Cellphone EDT Fragrance Review

Smell Bent Lobster Cellphone is in the Radio Dada collection. A limited edition 2011 spring fragrance collection inspired by surrealism and dadaist art. Lobster Cellphone is obviously a perfume based on Dali’s Lobster Telephone and surrealist objects. Has a bit of a Schiaparelli feel, no?

Lobster Cellphone opens up as a sparkling pink grapefruit juice and the smell of its peel. It’s very refreshing. After a few minutes, I do detect a tangy green tomato leaf. I love this. It was like it was put in the juicer with the pink grapefruit. With more time, I get an ozone grapefruit. This comes across as soapy and clean. It mixes with a “sweet” grapefruit. I can tell this grapefruit is pink. It isn’t “rugged”. The grapefruit leans more towards the feminine end of the spectrum, but the scent is easily unisex. The dry-down is a clean citrus with musk, but not too soapy.

There’s nothing surreal or unusual about Lobster Cellphone other than it’s unusual that it isn’t unusual! This is a really a tame, refreshing citrus. It reminds me of a Guerlain Aqua Allegoria type scent. It’s pretty, fresh, and clean. When I wanted a grilled lobster scent, why wasn’t I never presented with a boiled cellphone scent? 😉 Yes, art critics, chew on that.

Notes listed include pink grapefruit, citrus peel, tomoto leaf, ozone, and musk.

You may like Lobster Cellphone if you like clean, pink grapefruit fragrances or fresh pink grapefruit fragrances. Or if you like scents like Guerlain AAs, Dolce & Gabbana L’Imperatrice, Clean Original, Comme des Garcons Energy C series, and/or Lacoste Essential Sport. Lobster Cellphone is a good fragrance for summer.

I have reviewed the EDT so I can’t say if the oil smells exactly the same. The EDT retails for $45 and is available at Smell Bent.

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Disclaimer – A sample of this scent was provided by Smell Bent. I am not financially compensated for this review or any others. My opinions are my own.
Illustration from Smell Bent. Dali’s “Lobster Telephone” is from the Tate Collection.

8 thoughts on “Smell Bent Lobster Cellphone EDT Perfume Review

  1. When I saw what you reviewed, I thought that the coolest part about this was the name – Lobster Cellphone, I mean, really? How genius is that? 😉 Next, you tell me this is a pink grapefruit, and it just so happens I love pink grapefruit. As in, say, my all-time favorite, Pamplelune. Surely, I can’t be the only one who loves it? SO this sounds right up several of my trees…my sense of humor and my…scents of humor? 😉
    Tarleisio recently posted..Devilscent – the Tauer edition

    1. I really like Lobster Cellphone. It’s playful and it’s grapefruit, a bit more of a girly grapefruit, but it’s grapefruit.

  2. Couldn’t resist the sample pack. This is my favorite from the collection. Can’t wait to wear it in the summer.

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