Smell Bent Halloween 2010 Lumberjack Werewolf EDT Fragrance Review

Lumberjack Werewolf is a limited edition fragrance featured in Smell Bent’s Attack of the Killer Smellies Collection for Halloween 2010. This collection features 4 spooky inspired scents that will only be available until November 1st.

Lumberjack Werewolf is well, awesome. It’s a bit strange but in a wearable strange way. My disclaimer is that I like skanky, animalic musk scents. For some reason I like to smell like a sweaty 70’s gigolo with at least 20 spritzes of perfume. At first spritz, I can’t really smell anything. I find this very odd. Am I musk immune? Within a few minutes, I smell something that reminds me of mildew. Not the type of mildew found in an air vent, but “forest mildew”. It smells like damp, rotting tree bark. I find this aroma reminiscent of wild mushrooms since I spend most of my fall foraging mushrooms. I have smelled too much decomposing tree bark. Anyways, the mildewy bark isn’t alone. I get lots of skanky, animalic musk that wears closely to the skin. It isn’t very loud but this is far from “beginner skank” in my opinion. It’s straight-up skank. You got to love musk to want to wear Lumbejack Werewolf. There’s no florals or sweetness to mellow out the musk. Because of this, I see Lumberjack Werewolf on the masculine end of the perfume spectrum. But, a woman can wear this too.

Must be the musk?

I like this fragrance. It’s unusual but very familiar. It is an appropriate fragrance for fall. I can pull-off Lumberjack Werewolf, but I do think it’s better suited for a man. Maybe I’m a bit biased since I find musky perfumes sexy. Lumberjack Werewolf is unusually sexy. I love to smell it on my husband. I know I’ve made it sound a bit gross, rotting mildew bark and 70’s gigolo musk, but it is really nice. This fragrance makes me want to revisit all of my more masculine musky fragrances. I’ve always had a weakness for those.

Notes listed “oversexed wolf musk sprayed atop a pile of freshly cut timber”

Smell Bent Lumberjack Werewolf is avialable in EDT format (what I’m reviewing). This retails for $45. A perfume oil is available for $20. This limited edtion fragrance is only available at Smell Bent. And remember these are gone November 1st!

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*Disclaimer- This sample was provided by Smell Bent. I am not financially compensated for this review or any others. My opinions are my own.

10 thoughts on “Smell Bent Halloween 2010 Lumberjack Werewolf EDT Fragrance Review

  1. I’m still in the beginner phase of skank, so this might be a little over the top for me, but you had me at “rotting tree bark”! I like the smell of the forest in Autumn, everything is damp and rotting. It’s a sweet smell, but maybe that’s just my neck of the woods. I was in the forest today with the doggie and we both got a good sniff werewolf musk tho’!

    I got a whiff of one of the 70s Jovan musks for men. It was skanky, and I quite liked it. I’m learning to appreciate the skank a little at a time.
    JoanElaine recently posted..AcousticJus Stellar Oil Parfums- Six Pack of Fragrant Fun

    1. You may like this one. It’s “medium” skank in my opinion. It’s like Jovan musk oil and wet, damp, mildewy tree bark/leaves.
      Rotting forest floor is a bit sweet here too. It varies in altitude which means more of less conifers. I do live in a rainforest which I’m still getting used to. So, I think I’m used to the sweet smell of wet decay and biomass!
      Frink and I may be smelling werewolf musk since we live in Twilight land! Oh, and seriously everyone wears flannel, LOL.

    1. That’s a nice thought 🙂 I bought Frink the Frug a red and black buffalo plaid vest with a faux wool collar. He’s the only bad boy I get to walk in the woods 🙂

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