Smell Bent Halloween 2010 Lucy Fur Perfume Review

Smell Bent Lucy Fur Review

Smell Bent Lucy Fur is a limited edition fragrance in the Halloween 2010 Attack of the Killer Smellies Collection (more info here). Lucy Fur is a sweet, woodsy fragrance with patchouli and vanilla.

At first spritz, I get lots of sweet vanilla bourbon liquor with woodsy, slightly dirty patchouli peeking through. It’s sweet but not foody at this stage because of the dirty patchouli. (You guys know I love a headshop patchouli, so when I say “dirty”, I mean this as a compliment). At first I thought of this as a little headshop-ish, but I mean that in a kind  way. The fragrance smells very natural. With time, the vanilla really evolves on my skin, getting sweeter but still reminding me more of vanilla bourbon than vanilla cream. I get a musk that isn’t too animalic but it works so well with the patchouli. The musk sort of replaces the patchouli, smelling more “skanky” than dirty. It’s kind of like um…fur or a stole sprayed with sweet, vanilla perfume. I think that is called “vanilla musk” in the perfume world. At this stage, Lucy Fur smells much more “delicious”, almost edible at this stage. The vanilla becomes much more prominent. It becomes yummy, sweet vanilla cream.

Lucy Fur is a nice fragrance, something I want to wear in the fall and winter. Vanilla lovers should like this one, well, if you can handle some woods with your delicious vanilla. Because of the woods and musk, I see Lucy Fur being a unisex fragrance. I really think this natural smelling blend could “adjust” to one’s chemistry. I also see Lucy Fur layering under other fragrances. I actually play up the patchouli, topping this one off with Prada EDP, getting something I like much better than Prada Intense. This fragrance wears for 8+ hours on me with the dry-down mostly being a vanilla créme.

Notes listed include “Sinful red musk mixed with vanilla cream and a splash of patchouli.”

Who should try Lucy Fur? I think people that like vanilla and/or patchouli. I kind of see this as a “sexy” vanilla fragrance because of the animalic “fur” like musk. I think if you like fragrances such as Tom Ford White Patchouli, Laurence Dumont Vanille Patchouli, LaVanila Pure Vanilla, Prada EDP, and/or Fresh Cannabis Santal.

The EDT (what I’ve reviewed) retails for $40. There is a perfume oil that retails for $20. These are only available at Smell Bent. Beware-These will only be available until November 1st!

UPDATE: Perfume has been discontinued.

And here’s my review of Lucy’s twin fragrance, Helene Incarnate.

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*Disclaimer- A sample of this fragrance was provided by Smell Bent. I am not financially compensated for this review or any others. My opinions are my own.

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  1. I love sweet fragrances. I wish I could try this but I’ll have to wait. My budget is ruined this month. I had to get the kid’s Halloween costumes. Nothing left for me for Halloween 🙂

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