Smell Bent Halloween 2010 Bewitched Bothered & Bewilderness EDT Review

Smell Bent Bewitched Bothered and Bewilderness ReviewSmell Bent Bewitched, Bothered, & Bewilderness perfume is a limited edition fragrance in the Attack of the Killer Smellies Halloween 2010 fragrance collection. Bewitched, Bothered, & Bewilderness is described as “sweet, spicy brew of bubbling cauldron set against the lush scent of the forest at night“. This is a spicy, earthy fragrance.

Smell Bent Bewitched, Bothered, & Bewilderness is an unusual scent in my opinion. It really isn’t something that I want to smell like. This doesn’t mean that it isn’t likable. In fact, you’d think I’d love this. It really reminds me of matsutake, a spicy and distinct aromatic wild mushroom that is out this time of year (smells like pine needles and dirty cinnamon). I get lots of pine needles, earth, and spicy cinnamon at initial spritz. I like the pine and I like the earth. I’m not loving the strong and sweet Red Hots aroma of the cinnamon. To me this is more of a cinnamon and sugar/vanilla note vs. cinnamon bark. There’s also something sweet, fruity, and apple like underneath the pine, dirt, and sweet cinnamon. After about 20 minutes the unusual cold, damp-ish earthy pine needle aroma fades. (This is what I call the matsutake accord). I’m left with cinnamon and sugar. This isn’t bad. My disclaimer is that I don’t really like cinnamon in fragrance. It reminds me too much of seasonal potpourri or boiling cider. I don’t mind these fragrances in the home; they are so cozy. However, I don’t want to smell like cinnamon and sugar. I think cinnamon is an overwhelming note. That being said, I know that some people really like it. The fragrance is long-wearing with the dry-down mainly being sweet yet very spicy cinnamon.

Matsutake: I spend my weekends looking at the ground.

Give this a try if you like pine and cinnamon fragrance or if you like cinnamon AKA sugar n’ spice scents like Creed Ambre Cannelle, YSL Opium, Penhaligon’s Elixir, Diptyque Eau Lente, and/or Van Cleef & Arpels Tsar. Because of the heavy cinnamon notes, I can see Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewilderness being a great winter fragrance. This one isn’t just for Halloween 🙂

This is a limited edition fragrance. It will only be available until November 1st. The EDT spray (what I’m reviewing) retails for $45. The perfume oil goes for $20. These are at Smell Bent.

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*Disclaimer – A sample of this scent was provided by Smell Bent. I am not financially compensated for this review or any others. My opinions are my own. Other Disclaimer- I am not a mushroom expert. Don’t poison yourself, be smart.

8 thoughts on “Smell Bent Halloween 2010 Bewitched Bothered & Bewilderness EDT Review

  1. Interesting! Smells like matsutake mushrooms? I wish I knew what they smelled like because BB&W sounds so intriguing! I LOVE pine and cinnamon, but I don’t want to smell like Cinnabon.
    I thought about ordering BB&W, but in the end, I didn’t order any of the Halloween fragrances.

    1. My husband says that this doesn’t smell like matsutake but he doesn’t identify any mushrooms by smell…the apricot sweetness of chanterelles, the fishy aroma of lobster mushrooms. I can smell them in the woods before I see them. This is my survival instinct 🙂
      I think this fragrance wouldn’t leave you smelling like a Cinnabon. Because of the pine and dirt, this fragrance is far from a sweet treat. I find that I’m overwhelmed by the cinnamon.
      I can see why you wouldn’t order the Halloween scents. I would fear that I would fall in love with something that I couldn’t buy full-size!

    1. This is a very cinnamon-y fragrance so you must love cinnamon, I think, to like this one. I’m still testing my DSH Secrets of Egypt fragrances.
      As far as I’m aware of, I’m the only beauty blogger out there comparing everything to fungus!!!

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