Smell Bent Fuzzy Teacup EDT Perfume Review

Smell Bent Fuzzy Teacup EDT Perfume review

Fuzzy Teacup is a fragrance in Smell Bent’s Spring 2011 Radio Dada Collection, a perfume collection inspired by surrealist art. Fuzzy Teacup is inspired by Oppenheim’s 1936 “Object”, an ordinary but PETA unfriendly cup, saucer, and spoon covered with Chinese gazelle fur. Smell Bent Fuzzy Teacup is what happens to a fragrance covered in lactones. Lactones like fur smothering ordinary objects.

Fuzzy Teacup is odd at first. It reminds me of chamomile tea and peaches but with some weird sourness. Think low-brow instant peach flavored tea. Obviously the word “fuzzy” is coming from the peaches. I get lots of peaches and cream. There’s soapy, clean white florals with the sourness fading. From a distance, I get humid tropical florals and peach, lots of peach. Up close, on my skin, it smells like honey peach flavored tea with a little bit of creamy white florals. The honey, I suspect, is wearing sour on me. Why? I don’t know. I’m getting that with a few indie honeys lately. Must be a honey fragrance oil distributor thing. Couldn’t be me 😉 The dry-down is chalky peach, faint but brittle white tropical florals, over a chalky colada creamy coconut musk.

Oppenheim "Object" Furry Teacup at MoMA

I had the most hope for Fuzzy Teacup but it isn’t my favorite from the Radio Dada Collection. In fact, I’ll probably never wear this scent. It’s a blend of lactones resembling Crystal Light™ Peach Iced Tea and drugstore tanning oil, perhaps even Bain de Soleil. Oh, and with an odd shot of milk. Oh, and chalk. Hmmm…this really is surreal. It isn’t bad and I know that some people really dig this sort of thing, but it isn’t me. And that sour-honey-mystery note gets on my nerves (and this is most likely a “me” thing that others won’t experience). I only want to wear perfumes that I love and I don’t have time for those that I don’t. Sorry, Fuzzy Teacup but if your honey didn’t go bad on me, I’d wear you this summer.

Notes listed include white champa flower, peach, jasmine, cream, honey, and muhuhu oil.

Give Fuzzy Teacup a try if you want to smell like peach flavored ice tea and/or tanning oil. Or if you like perfumes like Fresh Fig Apricot, Jo Malone Tea scents, Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess, and/or Avon In Bloom.

The EDT that I reviewed retails for $45. An oil formula is available too and I don’t know how it compares to the spray. The Radio Dada Collection is available at Smell Bent.

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Disclaimer – A sample of this EDT was provided by Smell Bent. I am not financially compensated for this review or any others. My opinions are my own.
Drawing from Smell Bent. 1936 “Object” by Meret Oppenheim from MoMA.

5 thoughts on “Smell Bent Fuzzy Teacup EDT Perfume Review

  1. I’m sure I wouldn’t care for this scent either, since I don’t care for peach in perfumes (though I enjoy the actual fruit very much). But I love the name! It would be fun to wear it and have someone ask what you’re wearing, then watch their face as you said, “Fuzzy Teacup!”

    1. I don’t mind peach but it has to be that 50’s style feminine peach with florals. And I don’t eat peaches! I have a thing against fuzzy fruits! 😉
      I like the name and the entire concept of the collection. I think Fuzzy Teacup would make a much better candle, it needs a waxy base.

  2. Fun idea for a fragrance! I don’t know if I’d like it either. I usually don’t like “tropical” perfumes but I love the idea of this one.

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