Skye Botanicals Rose Petal Toner & Chamomile Facial Creme Review

Skye Botanicals is a line of natural skincare hand-crafted on Martha’s Vineyard using sustainable materials sourced from the United States, Costa Rica and Africa.

Skye Botanicals Rose Petal Toner

I’ve used the following products:

Rose Petal Toner

The aroma is a crisp, green rose. It’s the best smelling rosewater toner that I’ve ever tried. Actually, this is the best rosewater toner that I’ve ever used. Period. It’s really worth the extra cost. In addition to steamed distilled roses, it also contains skin-loving antioxidants like Vitamin C and seaweed extract (yeah, like La Mer). Plus, there is no cheap “fillers” in this toner such as witch hazel or alcohol.

It can be used as a toner or as a hydrating mist throughout the day. I recommend this product for all skin types. The only people I don’t recommend use it – people that dislike the aroma of roses.

The 4 oz bottle retails for $28.

Skye Botanicals Chamomile Cream

Chamomile Facial Creme

The aroma reminds me of peach rooibos tea. It smells so good. Like so good that I wish there was a corresponding body cream and shower gel. David would hug me at night and say “Your face smells so good”. And I agree. My face DID smell so good.

The texture of this cream is divine. It’s creamy yet lightweight. It leaves the skin almost feeling “buffed” – so smooth. It contains skin-loving ingredients such as aloe vera, seabuckthorn oil, pomegranate seed oil and Vitamin C.

It’s an excellent cream for oily, combination or normal skin types.I found myself using it as a night cream in the summer and it was perfect for me then. I find that my dry skin would need more moisture in the cooler months. If you have oily or combo skin and want a natural moisturizer, give this a try (especially if you have sensitive skin or use products for acne).

The 1 oz cream retails for $34.

This indie brand is much better than more expensive/better known brands that I’ve tried such as L’Occitane, Clarins and Nuxe Paris. And that’s saying something because I actually like those brands. I feel that Skye Botanicals, or at least these two products that I’ve used, are department store quality.

The company offers a trial size set that contains nine skincare items. I highly recommend this as an introduction to the line. Next on my list to try is Rose Petal Creme and Mandarin Face Polish.

Products are available at Skye Botanicals. 

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*Products were provided by Skye Botanicals. I am not financially compensated for my review. My opinions are my own. Product pics from Skye Botanicals.

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